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10 years ago

Wow, what a powerful story.

10 years ago

Mollena, THANK YOU! I love this soooo much. So brave, interesting, and sexy.

Remittance Girl
10 years ago

I’m very intrigued not only by the dimensions of your play as regards race, but even more by the strange entrapment of the unanswerable question. Where language breaks down and fails in circumstances where language is also what delineates the edges of consent. Brilliant podcast. Thank you for making it.

10 years ago

I kind of felt like I needed aftercare after listening to this podcast actually. I was not prepared, even with the disclaimer at the top of the podcast, for where this story took me. Not one bit.

The part where you could not communicate your inner turmoil during the play, made me cry. It shakes me still some hours after listening to it. I love Risk! for challenging me and my thinking but I think this should have been a two part-er? possibly showing/bringing your listeners back to okay with you? This was super heavy in a way I don’t think I was prepared for it to be.

10 years ago

I felt the need to thank you for this story. Something similar to your final story happened to me some time ago. The part about being “unable” to call your safe word went right through me.
I have obviously not dealt with what that did to me.
Thank you for letting me find this out about myself.
Now maybe I can do something about it 🙂

9 years ago

I agree with Sandra, I felt like I needed after care as well. This story gave me chills that I couldn’t shake for a quite some time. The feeling of being out of control and victimization was real and heavy in this podcast. I needed a safe word for this, but I knew it wouldn’t stop. You’re braver than I to not only experience it, but to share it. I’m glad you were able to push past that feeling and be friends again with your partner.

9 years ago

Current events in Canada re a certain national radio personality reminded me of my having heard Mollena Williams’ story on your podcast last year. I suspect that hers was the first time many people from “the mainstream” have ever heard the perspective of a submissive within a BDSM context, let alone the perspective of someone so incredibly articulate, honest, forthright, funny and insightful.

In short, her story humanized for me a particular kind of person whom I’d previously (at least partially) dismissed as mentally ill, a trauma sufferer, or otherwise psychologically unwell. I sincerely appreciate how much she opened up my mind and heart to anyone who plays or lives within this realm, a realm which most people in the mainstream know nothing about except for rumours, legend, bad jokes and innuendo. The actual issues that arose for her during the incident she describes are also uncommonly moving, to say the least.

Thank you for such a great show, and for your excellent podcast in general. You’re doing fantastic work that I appreciate very much.

8 years ago

The thing about sex is that you can play pretend like an actor does in a movie. The greatest part about it is that no matter what is said or done to someone else, it’s not what necessarily happens in reality. A female who goes deep into “fucked up fantasies” I admire so much as well as trust more. They are far more beautiful to me being subjected to submissive acts than one who isn’t willing to, because they understand it’s far from what the truth of what I actually think about them playing the dominant role. Make sure guidelines are set beforehand. For instance, not everyone wants to be urinated on. It’s all in good fun.

7 years ago

Words fail on this one. This… this hits me right in the soul. After listening to the Kinky Camp series and the follow up this brought so much happening in me and around me in this lifestyle I’ve *(chosen… found… that chose me… that found me… there’s no clean verb)* home in a very real and concrete way. I am changed by this story. And that is not a bad thing by any measure. Thank you Kevin, the Risk! staff, and Mollena for sharing this. I will not commence send this to just about everyone I know.

7 years ago

Thank you so much Mollenna for the courage it took you in sharing this story of your early experiences of race play. The honesty, sensitivity and wisdom you brought to it moved me. So much to learn about the D/S dynamic within this, outside of the race-play dynamic. I’m ever so grateful to have heard this story. Thank you again.

6 years ago

Four years later, this is still one of the episodes of RISK! that I most often recommend people listen to if they want a feel for just how deep and daring the show can be.

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