RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#1116
  • Date:January 20, 2020
  • Run Time:58:48
  • Download: MP3


Rosemary Cipriano, Micklewhite Ezpozito, and Bryan Kett share stories about a boob job, a religious cult, and a very rowdy classroom.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Beach Bummer by A.C. Newman

Live Story: My Fake Boobs and Me by Rosemary Cipriano

Interstitial: Boobs a Lot (excerpt) by The Holy Modal Rounders

Live Story: Analyze This by Micklewhite Ezpozito

Song: The Barrel by Aldous Harding

Live Story: No Substitutions, Please by Bryan Kett

Song: Substitute by The Who


  1. Having just listened to Micklewhite Ezpozito’s story about cults, I was immediately motivated to see if I could get in contact with him somehow. I’ve been living in an intentional community for fifteen years and there are aspects of the lifestyle that sometimes strike me as cult-ish from time to time. I would love to talk to someone who has experience with this topic and could perhaps field some of my questions.

  2. This episode presented great ethical dilemmas.
    Ezposito’s therapist betrayed him and he would not have been wrong to report her to some ethics board. But her betrayal ultimately allowed him to come into his own strength.

    Kett’s story was delightful. He promised to send any students that “misbehaved” for the sub, to the dean. In a sense he broke his promise but was SOOOOO right. To keep his promise would have been a bigger betrayal.

  3. What was the name (more, specifically, how to spell it) of the cult/group Michlewhite Ezpozito mentioned in his story? I heard ‘Smithees’, but I can’t find any information on google when I type in the name I thought I heard.

  4. RISK! storytellers are strongly encouraged to change the names of individuals, organizations, institutions, and so on. The show is not journalism, it’s for people to share the emotional truth that they feel they got out of their lived experiences.

    If RISK! listeners want to get a message to a storyteller that is not linked in the Table of Contents, they can email kevin@risk-show.com and I can forward the message to the storyteller.

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