The Best of RISK! #28


Episode #1427

Date April 11, 2023

Run Time 1:06:49

Our 28th compilation of some of our favorite recent stories shared on the RISK! podcast.

Song: Extended Stay by African-American Sound Recordings

Live Story: Erection For Justice by Brian Russell

Interstitial: Racist Swingers Take Heed by Taj Easton

Radio Story: The Grace by Ryan Sirois Heller

Song: Vertigo by Khalid

Live Story: The Queen of Poco Way by Margarita Franco

Interstitial: The Main Event by Taj Easton

Radio Story: You Are Not Alone by John Aubert

Song: Not Alone by Patty Griffin



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5 months ago

“The Christmas Ship”

It travels around the world
Picking up passengers from far and near
The ones whose lives were shattered
And all broken beyond compare

It is the ship to beat all others
As it provides them with Christmas cheer
An unbelievable cruise of a lifetime
Where they interact with the others there

They share the old days of Christmas
When they once were happy and gay
Indeed it’s a magical ship
As they relive that wonderful day

They exchange their presents and hugs
As they dance to the sounds of the season
With each one taking a turn
About that day that was oh so pleasin

But it all comes to an end at midnight
When they return again to be alone
But if they choose to stay on forever
Then they can never again go back home

Rachel Ann Bovier

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