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11 years ago

Wow, the story itself was really something, listening to Tracy talk about the process was even more so. That was a brave thing to accept and own your history (in such a big way) with an audience of thousands. Thank you.

11 years ago

How brave of you to do this! kudos!

11 years ago

I really loved this story and this expanded conversation about it. Kevin used a quote from the Gospel of St. Thomas that I loved but I’m having trouble tracking down the exact quote – is it possible for you to share that quote again? Thanks! LOVE the show!

11 years ago

This was the first episode of risk I was introduced to and it was absolutely amazing. I will definitely listen to more podcasts because of it.

The only thing that I wish wasn’t done in the episode is the intertwining of the commentary and the performance. I wish I could have had the experience of listening to what I was expecting to be a comedy monologue and it turning into a enthralling self-revealing story about Tracy.

Great podcast, I will definitely be checking out more.

9 years ago

That is so messed up in so many ways, a great story and for it to see the light of day is so rare and life affirming I wish the best to you and health and happiness.

9 years ago

Hello, this is Paul from Louisville Bible College. I preached a sreeis through Joseph’s life a couple of years ago. I think the best title for your film project, and also the main truth about Joseph’s life, can be found in Genesis 39. Three times in the chapter are a variation of the words, The Lord was with Joseph. No matter what a Christian goes through in life, the Lord is with him or her. He never leaves us or forsakes us. I have personally felt deep tragedy in my life. In July 2009, my wife Dena had a heart attack driving home from work. She was revived multiple times at the scene and at the hospital and placed on life support. After eight days and no response, we had to let her physically pass on. I have known no one in my life more faithful than her; just a tremendous loss to me. But God is good. The Good Shepherd met me at the sheepfold each night, knew my name, knew what I had been through that day, and gave me safe harbour for the night, along with rest to face the next day’s challenges. The Lord was with Joseph, the Lord was with me, and the Lord is with all those who face the challenges of life.Even through tragedy the Lord continued to bless me. I am now remarried to the one God sent to me. I tell people that God did all the work; I was just an innocent bystander. Again, the Lord was with me and continues to be with me; just as He was with Joseph. Your title: The Lord was with Joseph.

8 years ago

Thank you Tracy for sharing your experience. I have a son that actually is diagnosed as a person with schizophrenia. Your perspectives of how you are/will be perceived, trust issues with loved ones, loss of friends because of misunderstandings, due to this instant in your life are the very perceptions people with mental illness live with every day of their lives, forever, forever. I am glad your psychosis was temporary and did not result in a diagnosis of a mental illness. I hope people will listen to your story without prejudice allowing hearts of empathy for psychotic episodes and how it can relate to those that do experience life time mental illnesses and associated stigma.

7 years ago

Heard the podcast, glad to know im not alone. Had somewhat of the same experience in 2013. Im really thankful that you shared this. Thank you.

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