Holiday Stories #2


Episode #412

Date December 24, 2012

Run Time 1:06:32

Elna Baker, Michele Carlo, Scott Whitehair, Christine and Steve Spatucci share true tales of the Yuletide.



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9 years ago

I just had to comment on the story by Elna Baker about the babydolls and Baby Nubbins.
For one, it was a great story, told very well. And just thinking the name Baby Nubbins sends me into giggling fit!
But the fact that he with all his dollbaby deformities was adopted before the black baby dolls is crazy, but in a weird way its a microcosm of what happens in the US adoption/foster care system.
Black infants/children up for adoption are routinely not adopted and readily available. There are thousand of them across the country waiting for a good home. Many people would rather go abroad, pay thousands of dollars to adopt children (some the victims of human trafficking) while Black children are exported to Canadian families that are willing to take them in.
So although the story was really good, it gave me a twinge knowing that this is not the case make believe homes, but real ones as well.

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