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  • Episode:#830
  • Date:May 08, 2017
  • Run Time:1:16:58
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Brian Babylon, Moloch Masters and Tammy Ray tell stories of bad parents, MDMA madness, and cannibal cures.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Journey Inwards by LTJ Bukem

Live Story: What What (In the Butt) by Brian Babylon

Song: Astrovan by Mt. Joy

Radio Story: In the Shadows by Moloch Masters

Live Story: I Remember by Tammy Ray

Song: Jesus I’m Calling by Tangled Eye


  1. Wow. This episode is crazy. I was very affected by Moloch Masters. That story literally made my skin crawl. Thank you all for being brave enough to put this out there and I thank you Moloch for being brave enough to share this with all of us. Wow.

  2. Wow! That was an intense podcast!!
    Loved your stories, Brian and Moloch!
    I’m proud to be on a podcast with you both.
    Thank you, Kevin. What an amazing experience! I’m beyond myself. It was cathartic as heck doing this with you and Cyndi. Thank you for believing in me and helping me through this.

  3. Thank you for including the first story unedited. While the “advocate” joke was in poor taste, it was clearly facetious, and the way that it related to the end of the story made it all rather more self-deprecating than cruel or insensitive (I saw it as being more about the storyteller’s own drug-induced obliviousness than anything else). Ultimately, the storyteller was the “butt” of the joke in this story. So, while the “advocate” joke could be seen as an example “punching down,” it was mitigated by the fact that it was told in the context of a story in which the storyteller invited us to laugh at him and his own choices and misfortunes.

  4. Kinda bummed you guys even have to give those stupid disclaimers. This podcast rules because it’s REAL wether you agree with what people say or not. Keep up the good work.

  5. I listened this morning and can’t stop thinking about Tammy Ray and Moloch Master’s stories. I was running as I listened, and when I came to the end of Tammy’s story I stopped in the middle of the road and started crying. I’m so glad she found safety. Thank you for sharing these.

  6. Great stories as always, Kevin. Thank you for broadcasting these stores as-intended! You’re the best, Kevin!

  7. Wow. This was a difficult hour to get through. Hats off to you, Risk, for making this. Remarkable. It could not have been easy.

  8. Moloch… your story made me
    Remember the first time I encountered something that aroused me in a way I wasn’t ready for and didn’t understand. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I heard you tell it. if you can take all that and channel it into your wonderful voice, spoken and on paper, then we are lucky to have you! Tammy – you have such a pure voice and your story was incredibly told, so moving and full of strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being brave enough to share.

  9. Tammy, my wife and I are currently going through the process of becoming foster carers and the last part of your story filled me with such hope and joy. Thank you.

  10. Wowowow. Moloch’s story is intense. Thank you (and Risk) for sharing such a crazy true story. Everyone needs to know the depths of humanity.

  11. Tamlin, Ayu, and Mark-
    Thank you. I’m glad you heard and enjoyed the story. I’m so greatful to have received the parents I did!! And the RISK! staff were so supportive in giving me a way to share my story.
    Mark, I’m so glad you’re making that choice!! Thank you.

  12. Another great episode! Brian had me laughing hysterically throughout his story, because, yes, I am just THAT insensitive and was actually offended by the disclaimer. The whole point of Risk! is to be a forum for people to tell real stories the way they want and the way they see it, if you don’t like hearing it, go listen to the Moth – this is some funny, funny sh#t! Moloch, I have to imagine it took a lot of courage to be able to talk so intimately and freely about your father and your experiences with him and to be able to talk about what not always be considered PC as relates to your own tendencies – personally, I found the story to be gruesome and at times gut wrenching, but am always so happy to hear about other people’s experiences. Thank you so very much for sharing that with the Risk! community. And Tammy….what can be said for you and your sisters? Listening to you tell your story I found myself talking to the radio in my car – in disgust for Daddy, that creep, Uncle Terry, and Mommy and in utter sadness for you and your sisters. Thank G-d you guys were rescued from your family and even more so that you were matched with Rich and Celeste and you were able to have the childhood and family that you all so deserved. Thank you, Risk! for keeping it real!

  13. WOW. Moloch, the best stories are most often the ones that we don’t want to tell. I commend you for digging in this dirt. You are a brave soul, and I’ll be listening to this story several times. Brian’s story was HILARIOUS. Still waiting for Tammy’s story. What a wonderful episode!

  14. Tammy, wow. Your story is inspiring. You too are a brave soul. Thank you for sharing. It’s good to know that you’ve grown up to be a happy, healthy adult. Much love.

  15. I’ve never wanted to hug someone more than I do Tammy right now. What a strong and gracious human. Not to mention the wonderful couple that kept those girls together. So much dark. So much light.

  16. Tammy, your story really moved me, as many of the other commenters have already expressed. I am so sorry that you and your sisters lived through those experiences, but I am awed and thankful that you are doing so well now.

  17. Thanks so much for this. Usually I have Risk on in the background, while I do something else, but for Moloch’s story I had to sit down and do nothing but listen.

    Haven’t heard Tammy’s yet. Keep up the amazing work.

  18. Tammy, as a parent, I could barely contain the rage and sadness I felt as I heard your story. I had to pause several times to regain composure. You told it in such brutal honesty, and such a clear resounding voice.
    Rich and Celeste are an inspiration. So much so that it made me want to adopt and provide the safety and happiness they did to a child that was robbed of it. I have to admit it frightens me, as I am not sure I would know how to help a child that has gone through such trauma. Please, if you can, tell the story of adjusting to your new life with the same honest voice… All I wanted to do at the end of the podcast is give you a huge bear hug and thank you. Cliche, but true.

  19. This was the most intense episode I’ve heard yet and not one I’ll soon forget. I grew up in the same town as Moloch Masters and I can’t stop wondering if they could be a neighbor or classmate.

  20. Thank you for listening and for commenting, Stefani, Grant, Crescent, Catherine, and Drew. The responses here have really meant so much to me! I can’t say things were perfect after being adopted, but they were a whole lot better, for sure! And I have an amazing relationship with Celeste and Rich (Ma and Dad).
    I’ll work on more stories of my life after adoption, Drew. Thank you for the encouragement.
    I think highly of adoption and am considering eventually doing it myself.

  21. You were concerned about offending people with various things in the show however I expect nothing less from you. I thought jazz hands was hilarious.

    Real people are telling real stories and one thing they seem to have in common is the love and compassion for Being Human. As long as no one is spewing hate and celebrating power from degrading others how can anyone be offended. keep up the good work, you fill a space in the world that we need right now, the intimacy and compassion for Being Human.

  22. I’m the same age as Tammy and was really emotionally affected by her story. To know that while I was dealing with my own parents’ battles/divorce as a boy in Maine, Tammy was going through an experience far, far worse than mine is humbling and helps remind me that, thankfully, the world is full of strong people that remain good in the face of evil. In my twenties, I dated a woman who had similarly awful childhood experiences and who also found an amazing family that adopted her and her sister. I wish the foster care system was made up entirely of people like Celeste and Rich.

  23. I just read all the comments. It has been difficult for me to talk about this stuff. I got sick to my stomach just thinking of the memories I shared. While I listened, knowing what was next, I STILL laughed at Brian Babylon’s story. I laughed hard. I listened to my story and got annoyed by my own voice and mistakes. Then I heard Tammy Ray’s story. Tammy has lived through my worst nightmares. Now she has recovered and made herself a stronger person. Bravo Tammy! I am honored to be a part of Risk.

  24. Wow! Holding in tears listening to Tammy’s story right now. What a great episode!

  25. Brian’s story was hilarious! I love his mom. The facetiousness of his joke was obvious to me, but it was legitimately sweet the way Kevin tried to ameliorate any problems it might cause. Moloch has an interesting imagination and can spin a good creepypasta. Her story is multi-pronged with Hollywood horrors. Not even serial killers have childhoods that fantastical.

    Tammy’s story wrenched my heart in eight different directions and didn’t stop squeezing! The fact that she and her sisters were found by a family that open and loving gives me hope. Seriously!

  26. Brian Babylon was so funny! I agree that his story somewhat transcended any offensiveness because of how self-deprecating it was. I remember his last story about his job working with disabled children, and it was also hilarious, and true to life. He is a wonderful story teller.

    Molloch Masters’ story really hit me because I was just reading about the case a Ronald William Brown.

  27. I have to agree with PC Police. While I have no problem with political correctness (given that the alternative is generally unchecked prejudice and ignorance), this is RISK. We don’t need disclaimers, and it bothers me that Kevin says that some segments have either been pulled or rejected. We’re all big boys and girls here–we can and do fast forward through any particular episode that disturbs us.

    Kevin: you have such an incredibly unique format here–the Risk podcast is absolutely amazing. Any given episode can bring tears to my eyes through hilarity or sadness. PLEASE don’t let it become watered down through the slippery slope of subjective “good taste”. The sudden spike of disclaimers is a disturbing trend; “The Moth” is a very tasteful podcast, but that’s not why your audience tunes in. As you’ve said regarding one recently pulled segment: you’re “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. So that being the case, please DON’T!

  28. Rose, it is fantastical, it is also my life. I am not a creepypasta meme, I am a person. No matter how hard I try to look away from the truth….the memories stay in my mind. I wish I could forget it all but I can’t. I turn it into something good, so I can move on to the next thing. I don’t need people to believe me. I was raised to be honest above all other things. My father always told me if you lie once; you will have to keep lying about things to maintain the lie. It is too much work to lie about things, so I don’t do it. “Not even serial killers have childhoods that fantastical.” How many serial killers have you had a deep conversation with? I am interested to hear about it. I am not just being a d*ck.

  29. The most deeply disturbing thing about this episode is that the contemporary PC state of mind necessitates deep contemplation and a long explanation regarding a guy saying he enjoyed a BJ from person with a hand disability, but no issues with a cannibal feeding his daughter human flesh, a guy raping his wife/aborting a baby with an with an egg beater, and an uncle molesting his nieces…

  30. Kevin’s long explanation did mention all of the stories, as it was about all of them. I was guessing he mentioned Brian Babylon’s story more specifically because it was first, and to give a callback to his last epic RISK! tale.

  31. Wow. What a remarkable episode. I was in tears of rage and gratitude (for her safety) for Tammy and the life that she and her sisters have endured but I am so grateful for you and your family that you found joy and love. I’m am just filled with appreciation for loving people like your adopted parents and think you are so brave and wonderful for sharing your story. Thank you.

  32. Moloch Master’s story was creepy and disturbing but I’m having a hard time believing it all. I guess my biggest issue is… where (who?) did the “ham” come from and what happened to the rest of it? Still an overall good story whether it’s true or not.

  33. My story will be in the Risk! book. Go preorder a copy. 😀

  34. Real life is not like an episode of csi. All the loose ends don’t get tied up into a neat little ball at the end. If someone doesn’t believe me because they don’t know that by now; that is their problem. It is easy to have all the answers when you make everything up. I save the fiction for my fiction novels.

  35. I’m looking forward to reading this story, Moloch! It was so engrossing to listen to. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  36. On May 3, 2019, my biological mom passed away. This hit me so much harder than I expected it to. I’m so grateful to the staff at RISK! for helping me through this story. It was such a cathartic experience.
    The whole time I was planning a service for my mom I kept hoping that Uncle Terry wouldn’t randomly show up. He didn’t, but communicating the what-ifs was very hard with one of my sisters.
    It was quite a reminder that sometimes that box that I opened wasn’t fully unpacked and sorted, and that some boxes can’t be.

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