Identity Crisis


Episode #831

Date May 15, 2017

Run Time 1:04:57

Lyssa Sparrow, Matt McCarthy and Toni Nagy tell tales of lesbian firsts, drunken debacles and a one-man witch hunt.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Rising Son by Takuya Kuroda

Live Story: First Year Queer by Lyssa Sparrow

Song: Eating Out by Reformed Whores

Live Story: Three Thanksgivings by Matt McCarthy

Song: It Serves You Right To Suffer (The Avener Rework) by John Lee Hooker and The Avener

Live Story: The Good Witch by Toni Nagy

Song: Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups



Download: MP3

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K Thizzle
6 years ago

In the name of all that is unholy, someone please tell me the minute mark of the fart.

Tammy Ray
6 years ago

Great job, Lyssa! It was wonderful listening to your story again!
Matt, thanks for sharing your story. I hope you continue your progress.
Toni, wow! That was intense!

6 years ago

Yooo. Somebody tell Toni that “Taking it personally” and being completely self absorbed in the midst of her brother’s mental illness is really unhelpful and selfish. It’s not “all about you”. It’s all about the completely random manfifestations of his delusions that happened to include you as a focus. I hope you take the time to research and understand how support a family member with mental illness.

6 years ago

The fart is at 8:40!

Queen Kobe
6 years ago

WOW!! That fart is loud how did I miss it the first time I listened? I guess I was just so into the story and identified with her struggle…I wonder if it was as fatal though…

Another great episode with great story, thank you Kevin, risk! team and storytellers.

6 years ago

I’m grateful there is is a return to RISK! Taking.
Well done. Just Perfect!!!
Though I’ve a question, Is there Any reason that Sticher no longer supports RISK!?

Jacqueline Dutton
6 years ago

Toni Nagy thank you for allowing me into your experience. It mirrors, in so many ways, the experience I went through with one of my adult offspring ten years ago. I cried. Mental illness is a cruel thief. There is hope and NAMI offers classes for families that have loved ones that suffer mental illness. The classes offer tools and resources to become the best family advocate for your loved one. My heartfelt understanding and thoughts of stability to you and your family.

Moloch Masters
6 years ago

I have bipolar disorder. I am so glad to hear about mental illness from a family member’s perspective. You are a good witch indeed. To everybody that is shaming Toni: don’t insert your personal issues into somebody else’s first hand experience. I am mentally ill and I find this level of honesty refreshing. Toni, thank you for not sugar coating your world.

Lyssa Sparrow
6 years ago

Oh my goodness, thank you all for the feedback and listening. I’ve been a diehard fan for years so getting to meet Kevin and be on the show was surreal. If you have ever thought about pitching the show, do it!

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