Try a Little Tenderness


Episode #912

Date January 01, 2018

Run Time 54:08

Mike Lawrence, Miles Walser and Atsuko Okatsuka share about working in a fast food joint, transitioning with testosterone and reuniting with a parent in Japan.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Try a Little Tenderness (Instrumental) by The Saxists

Live Story: Message to Mackle by Mike Lawrence

Interstitial: They Do It All For Who? by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Who I Needed by Miles Walser

Song: Good Things by Aloe Blacc

Live Story: Head to Head by Atsuko Okatsuka

Song: No Roots by Alice Merton



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6 years ago

Transitioning is hard because it becomes all consuming. A relationship is a partnership and it’s hard to be a partner when you are dealing with an all consuming issue. This sounds like a 4 year ordeal that he asked her to go through. That’s not fair. Neither is life but I think more sympathy is required in this situation. How long is too long to deal wit your own stuff.

In general, not just with transitioning, people should be single when they work through manages issues. We are a selfish folk though so we don’t heed that warning.

6 years ago

In response to the comment above… he asked her to be a part of the transition and it sounded like she consented. Which is fair. And then she left when it was right for her. Going through transitioning and figuring out personal stuff is hard in any situation, and it’s not like it goes away magically when you’re in a partnership, but humans need each other for support and community and that’s okay. It sounded like both individuals in the relationship had agency and ability to speak up for themselves and their needs.

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