RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#848
  • Date:September 11, 2017
  • Run Time:1:06:21
  • Download: MP3


Morgan Jones Phillips, Donna Bailey and Samira Sahebi share about the morbid humor of EMTs, a scary dinner party and a mother's touch in Iran.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Oscillate Wildly by The Smiths

Live Story: What’s in a Name? by Morgan Jones Phillips

Song: The Name Game by Shirley Ellis

Radio Story: The Dinner Party by Donna Bailey

Interstitial: Swingset (Ft. Don Argott) by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Her Touch by Samira Sahebi

Song: When It Don’t Come Easy by Patty Griffin


  1. Samira’s story was one of the best I’ve heard on Risk. Her pacing, willingness to cry, and vibrant descriptions reveal that she is a great writer and story teller. When she described being in her mother’s room after her death, I felt as if I was right across the bed there with them. I am moved by her courage and candor.

  2. Donna Bailey’s story was incredibly powerful to me. I will certainly be sharing it. What an incredibly strong person she must be to share this most vulnerable moment.

  3. Bailey’s description of that “look of hate” @37:36 is totally spot on…where someone doesn’t even have to do or say anything…they just have the “look.”

    I’ve experienced that quite a few times myself. It’s pretty scary how hate can resonate so much within some people that it just beams through their eyes.

    This was a great episode filled with some powerful stories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Donna, Donna, DONNA! What a beautiful voice. I loved her on your past episode and loved her even more with this one. I’m a Black woman and I connected with the story so much. Powerful delivery. I felt like I was runninf down those stairs with her. Please bring her back in future episodes. I could listen to her for forever. <3

  5. Ooof, way to go the low road with making fun of the “foreign” name, much less in a situation in which someone’s loved one has passed on. 😐 As if Asian Americans don’t get enough of that nonsense. Disappointed that this went through for an inclusive podcast like RISK!.

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