Vagina Vagina Vagina!


Episode #521

Date March 10, 2014

Run Time 59:31

Elna Baker, Josh Healey and Amy Salloway share stories that are downright vag-riffic.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Sho z-pod duba by DakhaBrakha

Radio Story: O.P.P. by Josh Healey

Song: Lollypop Rag by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: The View from Site B by Amy Salloway

Song: My Vag by Awkwafina

Live Story: Ooooh That Smell by Elna Baker

Song: Twist by Goldfrapp



Download: MP3

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10 years ago

More Amy Salloway!

10 years ago

Love this podcast and especially Amy Salloway! She is such a wonderful storyteller here in Mpls and I am glad to see her gaining a wider audience with your podcast. Thank you!

10 years ago

Elna’s story was terrifying on so many levels… The poor girl didn’t know what her vagina was supposed to smell or feel like? She never tried putting a finger in it? And it seems she thinks that is normal? My goodness… Thankfully that incident never lead to any permanent damage to her genitals (that she knows of). But these are the consequences of prudishness: some women are so ignorant and terrified of their bodies that they can have something stuck in their vagina for 6 weeks, and not know. I’m speechless…

Spacey Kate
10 years ago

All fantastic, but Amy Salloway’s story in particular was touching and hilarious and sexy. Such a fantastic storyteller!

10 years ago

Three funny and touching stories. Elna was hysterical. And Glenda — a little less judgmental, please. Your comments misrepresent the story entirely.

Sara G.
10 years ago

Amy’s story took the cake but I’m responding because the tampon thing totally happened to me. I thought I had a raging case of vaginosis. I got to the NP’s office and we both literally retched upon discovery of the wayward tampon (and mine was only a week old)

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