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9 years ago

Mara Wilson is awesome! I hope she is in another RISK! soon!

9 years ago

I’m trying to figure out what the song/artist is at the 38:40 mark on the podcast is. It leads into Tommy’s story, but it’s not “Pioneers” as listed above. It sounds like a cover of The Clash’s “Straight to Hell”… Help!

RISK Editor
9 years ago

Hey there! Jeff the editor here! The song is actually an instrumental version of Princeton’s song ‘Andre’. Here’s a link to the full song:
‘Pioneers’ is the song just before it.

Maya H
8 years ago

This is amazing, charming, and hilarious!
I would definitely like to know how Tommy recovered from his experience.

8 years ago

I own that “Safe is Sexy t-shirt”!!

Jente K
6 years ago

Those seconds! At 25.10, for an eternal blink of the eye, there are 15 seconds of music (preceding ‘Pioneers’). What is the song/artist? I love those sounds and can’t find it anywhere… Makes me a sad panda.
Btw, i Love the show! I’m on an aurally crusade through the chronological madness of Risk! and loving every step!
I hope to hear from someone that knows what i do not. In any case; cheers, cheers and cheers! In all it’s senses.

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