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11 years ago

Mara Wilson is awesome! I hope she is in another RISK! soon!

11 years ago

I’m trying to figure out what the song/artist is at the 38:40 mark on the podcast is. It leads into Tommy’s story, but it’s not “Pioneers” as listed above. It sounds like a cover of The Clash’s “Straight to Hell”… Help!

RISK Editor
11 years ago

Hey there! Jeff the editor here! The song is actually an instrumental version of Princeton’s song ‘Andre’. Here’s a link to the full song:
‘Pioneers’ is the song just before it.

Maya H
10 years ago

This is amazing, charming, and hilarious!
I would definitely like to know how Tommy recovered from his experience.

9 years ago

I own that “Safe is Sexy t-shirt”!!

Jente K
7 years ago

Those seconds! At 25.10, for an eternal blink of the eye, there are 15 seconds of music (preceding ‘Pioneers’). What is the song/artist? I love those sounds and can’t find it anywhere… Makes me a sad panda.
Btw, i Love the show! I’m on an aurally crusade through the chronological madness of Risk! and loving every step!
I hope to hear from someone that knows what i do not. In any case; cheers, cheers and cheers! In all it’s senses.

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