With Bawdy in Brooklyn 2


Episode #902

Date October 16, 2017

Run Time 1:04:31

Rachel Lark, Bex Caputo and Mollena Williams-Haas share about the pleasures of pee-play, a sex party on Queer Prom night, and the ultimate union between “Master” and “slave” when RISK! and Bawdy Storytelling teamed up in Brooklyn.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Didn’t See It Coming by Rachel Lark

Live Story: Helmut’s Tinkles by Kevin Allison

Live Story: Prom Night by Bex Caputo

Song: I Zimbra by Talking Heads

Live Story: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together by Mollena Williams-Haas

Song: Sexy M.F. by Prince & The New Power Generation



Download: MP3

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6 years ago

Mollena’s story was so fun and beautiful, it was absolutely wonderful to hear. Thank you for taking the time to tell it!

6 years ago

Hey Kevin
I’m new to the show and love it!
Just a few questions: Why do the episode numbers jump from 852 to 901? Is there somewhere I can find missing episodes?

6 years ago

Hey Newbie, they’re like the numbers for episodes in a TV series. 852 means it was the 52nd episode of our 8th Season. The series started on Oct 6, 2009, so every time we pass that date, we start a new season. We’ve just started our 9th year.

6 years ago

This is the first podcast EVER that I immediately rewinded (rewound?) and listened to the story again immediately. This is also my first time commenting on a podcast episode (I literally listen to about 15 a week) soooo safe to say this this wasn’t your average story…..
Mollena’s story is EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYYYTHINGGGG. All the feels. All the bright and airiness of my heart as I float in gratitude for her willingness to share this love story. Thank you, Kevin, for creating this platform. Thank you, Mollena, for being unabashed and brave and proud to be YOU and so eloquently sharing your love with us.

Erik Yates
6 years ago

I gotta second and third and fourth everyone’s praise of Mollena. So fucking gorgeous.

6 years ago

Ive loved Mollena for years. I’d heard the story of her getting her Piece of the Pie before, but framed this way, and with the associated hyphen, it’s wiser and sweeter for that wisdom. I’ve heard every story Risk! has put up, and I can’t remember hearing one with this much love.

6 years ago

Glad I found this site. Thank you. Great stories and readers.

John and Shannon
4 years ago

Awesome story – we listened three times !! Told with absolute feeling and raw emotion !!! My husband and I both just sang along with u to the Jeffersons !! Wtg in finding real true love even if your both way freaky !!! Made me even wish I had some freakiness in me lol P.S. – I think grace Jones was the only lady of color I thought had a perv wild side to her – u opened my eyes to a whole new world !!

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