Daralyse Lyons

In the second grade, Dara (or “Daralyse Lyons” as her angry teacher called her) was sent to the principal’s office for misbehaving. When she arrived, instead of going in to see the principal and accepting her punishment, Daralyse lied about having a stomachache and needing to see the nurse. She’s been telling stories and putting on performances ever since.

She wears many hats as an author, actress, yogi, and transformational coach/speaker, but the common thematic elements to all her endeavors are her love of stories and desire to help people find happiness. A summa cum laude graduate of New York University with a double-major in English Literature and Religious Studies and a minor in History, Daralyse brings intelligence, sensitivity, enthusiasm, creativity and business acumen to all of her endeavors. She lives in the quaint Mount Airy section of Philadelphia.

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updated: 06/21/2023