She Said Yes! Pat & Christy Marriage Proposal On last week’s episode Best of RISK! – Part 2 Kevin read a deeply touching marriage proposal from RISK! fan Patrick Cohoon in which he asked his (then) girlfriend Christy Overly, “Will you marry me?” Well, we’re happy to report that she said YES! Here’s a picture of the newly engaged couple and an email response from Christy.

Hi Kevin, I wanted to thank you for helping Pat with the engagement, I said YES!!  I thought it was awesome and I was completely shocked!  We are fans of your show, so when he put it on the speakers Saturday morning while in our pjs and making breakfast as we usually do, I thought nothing of it.   Then when you said his name and then mine, I was confused at first, but quickly realized what was going on.  A random Saturday morning at home, it was perfect.  Thanks again for helping make this engagement so special, I am a lucky gal

Best of luck to you two crazy kids!
Kevin & The RISK! Team

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