Episode #924

Date March 26, 2018

Run Time 1:27:26

Sina Grace and Mariah MacCarthy share stories about gay sex in high school and having a baby for an open adoption.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Groovy Gravy by Quincy Jones

Live Story: The Tongue Masseuse by Sina Grace

Song: Hard Work by Theo Katzman

Radio Story: All in the Family by Mariah MacCarthy

Song: Sweet Thing by Van Morrison


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Moloch Masters
6 years ago

I am staying for the bright and bold bits of life that people are brave enough to share. I am here to laugh, cry, cringe and binge on some life in general. I also wouldn’t mind becoming a kink Jedi.
Sina, thank you for instructions on how to use the force.
Mariah, you are awesome. You should call him Hunter when he grows up. Call it a nickname. XD

6 years ago


That was truly a beautiful, heart wrenching story. Thank you for sharing, and making me sob messily while I work 3rd shift. Luckily everyone has the flu or a cold now so I am assumed sick & contagious, and people kept their distance.

You are so strong and self-less, and a wonderful mother. It takes a truly strong woman to give her child the best life she can, especially when she knows that it won’t be with her.

6 years ago

Thank you SO MUCH, Mariah, for sharing your experiences and your insight! That was a beautiful story (or many beautiful stories, really) well told.
It was my mistake to have listened at work, but I’m glad I listened.

6 years ago

Mariah, I sobbed, too. As a mom of two, it was a visceral experience to listen to— what a beautiful story.

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