Episode #923

Date March 19, 2018

Run Time 1:16:30

Moses Storm, Andrea Allan, and Stephanie Lyons share stories about cooking on LSD, partying on cocaine and turning in your brother to the FBI.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Stay A While by Rettward von Doernberg

Live Story: Nature’s Alarm Clock by Moses Storm

Interstitial: Wiener On the Ground With Mustard by Jeff Barr

Live Story: My Rock Bottoms by Andrea Allan

Song: Rock & Roll by The Velvet Underground

Radio Story: We All Fall Down by Stephanie Lyons

Song: This Year by The Mountain Goats



Download: MP3

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6 years ago

“We all fall down” may be the most compelling and emotional story ever published by Risk! As a long time listener I have never felt compelled to write in until now. This woman’s maturity and compassion as well as the music built the intensity beautifully. I truly hope you do more with her and hope that her story will be in the Risk book. I just wanted more. Hope she gets a publisher soon can’t wait to hear more excellent John risk!

Peter Neofotis
6 years ago

All these stories were wonderful, the last one, in particular, moved me but the others were brilliant as well.

Lisa B
6 years ago

I am not sure who said the best stories are absolutely true. This sister tells a tale with such emotion and empathy that the listener feels it all right along with her as she tells the tale. I am utterly amazed by her ability to recount a horribly mind numbing experience with such clarity and connection. I would love to hear anything more from Stephanie and I suspect that anyone else hearing this tale would feel the same. This story has big screen qualities but only if narrated by Stephanie because her Story Telling skills are better than any Texan. Must be some of the NYC influence but a superior blend

Sam Benson
6 years ago

More Stephanie Lyons please. I really hope her brother is OK.

6 years ago

I found this podcast after it was shared by Rosie O’Donnell and as the other comments have said MORE STEPHANIE LYONS PLEASE. I want to know so much more. As an avid Moth listener her story went far past the quality I am used to hearing. I could see the movie I can feel the pain and I found myself laughing at her response. This story changed me as opposed to seeing her brother as an addict or criminal I truly saw him as a whole person. I leave me it wanting more. I found an article she wrote via her twitter about her mother and brothers realtionship posted one medium. This woman’s ability to find compassion understanding and view of all sides of addiction is rare and important. Just wow wow what an amazing woman I hope to see a book or movie from her soon. WOW

6 years ago

All the stories on this episode was good but Stephanie’s in paticular brought this topic to another level. We are all used to hearing the jokes about addiction or the girl who embraces her bad behavior and exposes for a laugh. Why I think my reaction and clearly many others reactions to Stephanie is so strong is she did what no one does. She showed vulnerability she was raw she was honest to a level we all relate to. Rather drugs or just bad behavior we have all that moment within ourselves and with others where the behaviors are unacceptable. Stephanie captures that in this story and then brings you a step further to in away teach and in a daw truthful expressions says “We all fall down”. The power the lesson the insight is why I’ve listened to her 5times. I lost my Father to addiction 15 years ago I cried like a baby last night playing her ending over and over. Thank you stephanie for showing us how to love the damaged ones

6 years ago

Damn, Andrea Allan was like a female Holden Caulfield. Going around insulting and blaming everyone else for wrong and bad things and never looking inwards at her terrible personality, or taking blame for her shitty experiences.

I’m glad to hear she is working on her sobriety and now realizing how much of a hurricane she was. But man, I can’t stand the type of person she was. It was hard listening to her story, because hearing to an audience laugh at a person telling stories about actively being a shitty person to women, men, disabled and religions is frustrating.

6 years ago

@Sam Benson
He died

5 years ago

I’m sitting on the subway sobbing listening to Stephanie’s story. What an important display of regret, compassion in love.

Is there a way to get the rest of the story? Does she have a book or is there a part 2?
I see someone commented he died, does anyone know how?

This story is phenomenal but I’m left wanting more and can’t find any!?!

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