RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#109
  • Date:January 26, 2010
  • Run Time:1:18:39
  • Download: MP3

Breaking the Rules

Christian Finnegan, Kevin Allison, Zak Orth, Melanie Hamlett and Faye Lane share stories of going beyond lawfulgalities.

Storytelling Credits

“The Ignacio Imbroglio”- Melanie Hamlett
“Sex, Drugs, and Purple Rain”- Christian Finnegan
“Smashing Pumpkins”- Kevin Allison
“Crimes & Misdemeanors”- Zak Orth
“Devil’s Food”- Faye Lane

Music Credits

“Frisk”- David Buchs
“Death to Vivek”- The Happy Hollows
“Girls Like Guys”- Matt Cheplic
“We Will Find You”- The Happy Hollows
“Metal Risk”- Dan Rosen
“Risk It”- Stuckey & Murray
“Tell Somebody”- Andrew Burnes and J. Walter Hawkes


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