The Strangest of Strangers


Episode #108

Date January 12, 2010

Run Time 1:02:13

This week’s episode features stories recorded live at our October 28, 2009 show at Joe’s Pub by Moth host Ophira Eisenberg, 30 Rock’s Keith Powell, actor Mather Zickel, This American Life favorite Starlee Kine, and The Borowitz Report’s Andy Borowitz.

Storytelling Credits

“Mistress O” – Ophira Eisenberg
“I Thought You Were My Friend” – Keith Powell
“I Love You, Man” – Mather Zickel
“Familiar Pattern” – Starlee Kine
“The Trouble with Tooty” – Andy Borowitz

Music Credits

The Alan Cohen Experience
“Wild Night at the Bloody Bucket” – Impala
Jesse Krakow
Peter Salett
Stucky and Murray

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