Close Encounters of the First Part


Episode #1422

Date March 07, 2023

Run Time 56:29

In the first of two back-to-back UFO-related episodes, David J. Halperin shares a story about a surprising alien encounter.

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion in…Close Encounters of the Second Part!

Song: Theme from ‘Close Encounters’ by Meco

Radio Story: My First Alien Landing by David J. Halperin

Song: Ode to Joy by Hope Brush

Song: Theme from ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ (Disco version) by John Williams

Teen Ufologist David J. Halperin in his raincoat photographs a hole in the ground in Glassboro NJ in 1964.
Teen ufologist, David J. Halperin, looking very much like a space scientist in his raincoat, photographs a hole in the ground, in Glassboro NJ in 1964.
A hole in the ground by a sassafras tree with broken limbs, Glassboro NJ 1964
Evidence of a landed UFO: a hole in the ground by a sassafras tree with broken limbs.
A small lake in Glassboro NJ from 1964.
The nearby lake where, presumably, water samples were taken by a UFO.

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Your Name
20 days ago

I was expecting shiny knees

David J. Halperin
19 days ago

I would have loved to put up that photo. But I didn’t think it was right to publish the photo of someone who’s probably still alive without her permission, and I don’t know how to contact her.
Hope you enjoyed the story anyway!

19 days ago

What an absolutely magnificent story!!! Thank you so much for telling it David!

David J. Halperin
18 days ago

Thank you so much, Sagan!

Violeta @ Pillow Talking podcast
11 days ago

From looking for aliens to feeling like one… and in the end, not. Gorgeous story.

But on a less symbolic note, I lived the UFO furore and this brought back so many memories. My own, otherwise highly pragmatic, folks were convinced aliens visited us and my father, a medical professional, took soil samples from mysterious burned circles in rural Argentina to present to an eminent UFOlogist. Good times.

Thank you, David!

David J. Halperin
10 days ago

And thank *you* for your comment, Violeta!

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