Episode #709

Date November 30, 2015

Run Time 47:06

Speed Levitch, Lily Be and Karen Finneyfrock tell of altercations in the city.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Early Riser by Kevin MacLeod

Live Story: The Cruise Awakens by Speed Levitch

Interstitial: Ludicrous Unlasting by Speed Levitch & Roy Eldridge

Radio Story: Let the World Know Why by Lily Be

Song: In My Direction by Astronauts

Live Story: 37 Rings by Karen Finneyfrock

Song: Where I’m Going by The Wild Reeds



Download: MP3

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Juliette Oliver
8 years ago

Why was this not filmed?? Love Levitch! Would love to have seen this as well as heard it.

Laura S.
8 years ago

I absolutely loved this episode. Lily Be and Karen Finneyfrock’s stories both spoke to me in a way I can’t explain. I’ve been in both positions before, and let me tell you, the restraint to say something in a moment of scrutiny like in Lily Be’s story, or to keep yourself from hitting that call button, or doorbell again and again and again is something that takes some serious effort. All in all —great stories, I could really relate to!! Loved it!

Lily Be
8 years ago

Laura, thank you!
Rock on.

8 years ago

What a treat! Two of my favorite raconteurs in the world: Speed Levitch on a program hosted by Kevin Allison. Fucking love it. Could listen to either of you guys all day.

8 years ago

Just discovered your show and I absolutely love it! I’ve listened to almost every old episode and I’m planning to go to the live show in LA this summer. I love the stories and I also love when Kevin sings about

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