Episode #651

Date September 14, 2015

Run Time 56:45

Kenny DeForest, Rob Christensen and Willa Quinn share stories about side effects.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles

Live Story: Mantra by Kenny DeForest

Interstitial: Let It Be (It) by Jeff Barr

Live Story: For the Love of K by Rob Christensen

Song: U R A Fever by The Kills

Live Story: Wellbutrin Blues by Willa Quinn

Song: Violins by I’m From Barcelona



Download: MP3

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8 years ago

Best stamps.com advertisement EVER. They owe you.

8 years ago

Umm… Kevin? How’s your sobriety going?

8 years ago

Hey! I’m a listener from the U.K and I feel strongly that Kevin is an amazing introducer (aside from the necessary stamps advertising sponsor shit) and story teller… But of all the podcasts I’ve heard, I fully, totally, and notably enjoyed the “let it” mantra podcast. Also the prison nurse story, as an admittance of moral and legal wrongdoing but subjective need, necessity, and incontrollable emotional investment was astoundingly engaging. Aside from the obvious cultural differences, I am so enthusiastic about the RISK concept and the commitment to no boundaries. It’s my favourite podcast. As a half Egyptian female bought up in a repressed and religious environment its so relieving to have my thoughts, kinks and beliefs so validated and confirmed! Thank you Kevin, thank you RISK and thank you story tellers for you courage and skill! Gush over!!

8 years ago

“–Aside– from the necessary stamps advertising sponsor shit”? On other podcasts, certainly; I have come to love and look forward to Kevin’s renditions of these as much as the rest of the show! Thank you Kevin.

8 years ago

@Kenny DeForest – LOVE your Story, I had to listen to it twice. It’s sofa king fun, entertaining and profound. Thanks for your fabulosity. Let it. Be it. I want to see that tattoo. What a story gem.

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