Fight or Flight


Episode #826

Date April 10, 2017

Run Time 55:20

Jeff Hiller, Kate Caldwell and Mark Redmond share stories of unsafe encounters.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Focus On Sight by Thievery Corporation

Live Story: Girl Power by Kate Caldwell

Interstitial: Stranger Than Danger (Ft. Patty Shukla) by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Replay by Jeff Hiller

Song: I Don’t Recall by Lavender Diamond

Live Story: The Most Unlikely Places by Mark Redmond

Song: Breath and Burning by Phish



Download: MP3

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7 years ago

Hi Kevin,

The “Stranger Danger” song used in your recent podcast was written by Patty Shukla, who controls all rights to the song. However, on the description of the podcast, it says “Stranger Danger” by Jeff Barr. I don’t know if he edited it or whatever, but the song should be listed as “Stranger Danger by Patty Shukla”. Please change that and keep up the great podcast!
Shukla Music, LLC

Your Name
7 years ago

I was very disappointed to hear you advertise psychics on your show. Considering that there is such a great skeptical show (ONRAC) on your network, I honestly thought you were better than that. Psychics cause real harm to many people, even when they truly believe they are genuine. They can have an enormous effect on people’s lives, yet the whole phenomenon is based on cognitive biases, cold reading (sometimes accidental), and misunderstanding basic statistics. (What are the chances they could predict something so accurately by chance? Very high, actually.)

I am just so disappointed in you Kevin. You went for the money and ignored the real risks to your audience. 🙁

7 years ago

Please email me at about this.

7 years ago

I will never got to “stamps dot com”…that singing is too grating sorry, love the rest of the shows.

7 years ago

I was there for the live taping in Austin! I loved Kate’s story. Keep up the great work, Kevin and everyone! I hope one day to be bold enough to tell my own stories on Risk!

S Myers
7 years ago

I’m a longtime listener, and I truly appreciate this show and what you do. But I was a little taken aback today with the interstitial “Stranger Danger” song/jingle after a story about attempted child sexual assault; it was really jarring in tone and it felt inappropriate, especially toward survivors. I do understand that it’s hard to match tone of interstitials with stories, but just wanted to voice my thoughts here. Thanks for reading.

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