Episode #825

Date April 03, 2017

Run Time 53:49

Jessica Delfino, Danny Lobell and Doug Smith tell of times they averted fatality.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Free Lovin’ by Daniel Wang

Live Story: Stayin’ Alive by Jessica Delfino

Interstitial: Grovergrams by Jeff Barr

Live Story: What Lies Beneath by Danny Lobell

Song: We Are the Tide by Blind Pilot

Live Story: The Slash by Doug Smith

Song: Fairy Stories by Reverieme




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7 years ago

In Doug Smith’s story, he makes a point of mentioning that the assailant was a “black guy” . I’m assumed that this was pertinent to the story. His podcast has long since ended. I’m still waiting to see how his description was pertinent.

common sense
7 years ago

Doug also describes the police officers with visual descriptions as well. Describing visuals is a part of story telling.

6 years ago

I find Danny’s story repulsive in that there is no humor when there is a victim involved. I knew the victim and was at Hofstra during May 2001. I knew his parents. Very disrespectful to talk about it from a vantage point of “gardening” and to make light of it 16 years later. If this situation impacted you, Mr. Lobell, I would hope it doesn’t always come with a punchline. I understand this podcast is true stories, but I’m not laughing about a person who never got to graduate and fulfill his dreams as a result of the person who you were trying to be “neighborly” to. I know you didn’t know better in 2001, but I hope you do now. Please be respectful when sharing this story. Thank you.

5 years ago

That Doug Smith story was fantastic.

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