RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#825
  • Date:April 03, 2017
  • Run Time:53:49
  • Download: MP3


Jessica Delfino, Danny Lobell and Doug Smith tell of times they averted fatality.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Free Lovin’ by Daniel Wang

Live Story: Stayin’ Alive by Jessica Delfino

Interstitial: Grovergrams by Jeff Barr

Live Story: What Lies Beneath by Danny Lobell

Song: We Are the Tide by Blind Pilot

Live Story: The Slash by Doug Smith

Song: Fairy Stories by Reverieme



  1. In Doug Smith’s story, he makes a point of mentioning that the assailant was a “black guy” . I’m assumed that this was pertinent to the story. His podcast has long since ended. I’m still waiting to see how his description was pertinent.

  2. Doug also describes the police officers with visual descriptions as well. Describing visuals is a part of story telling.

  3. I find Danny’s story repulsive in that there is no humor when there is a victim involved. I knew the victim and was at Hofstra during May 2001. I knew his parents. Very disrespectful to talk about it from a vantage point of “gardening” and to make light of it 16 years later. If this situation impacted you, Mr. Lobell, I would hope it doesn’t always come with a punchline. I understand this podcast is true stories, but I’m not laughing about a person who never got to graduate and fulfill his dreams as a result of the person who you were trying to be “neighborly” to. I know you didn’t know better in 2001, but I hope you do now. Please be respectful when sharing this story. Thank you.

  4. That Doug Smith story was fantastic.

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