RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#835
  • Date:June 12, 2017
  • Run Time:1:11:34
  • Download: MP3

Fish Out of Water

Adam Wade, Melanie Hamlett and Craig Mangum share about public bathroom drama, nerve-wracking weddings and Mormon missions.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: I Know That You Know by Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie and Sonny Stitt

Live Story: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Adam Wade

Interstitial: Toilet Bowl Blues by Jeff Barr (Ft. Down Day by Podington Bear and these ladies)

Radio Story: Ditching Dora by Melanie Hamlett

Song: Halloween Mask by Electric Owls

Live Story: I Believe? by Craig Mangum

Song: Come Down by Anderson .Paak


  1. Thanks for putting this crazed schedule in Kevin, I truly look forward to hearing your silly ass giggling in my ears each week.

  2. great stories
    lived hearing Melanie tell her story

  3. Great show! I always love this show!!!!! Thank you so much for the stories Kevin!

  4. Great story Melanie-thanks for sharing!

  5. I want to thank Melanie for her story. I am also a woman who has chosen an unconventional life style. I spent the last four years teaching English in China and Vietnam and backpacking between jobs. I was one of the few women that I met who was doing this without a friend or partner. I returned home this year to complete a masters degree. I am 29 and still very much single with no plans of settling down anytime soon. I am getting to the stage where my friends are starting to get married and have children and get “real jobs”. I don’t regret my choices at all but it does get hard and lonely sometimes. I find this hard to admit because I feel like I constantly have to justify my choices to people who ask me why I travel by myself or why I am not married yet.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I just wanted to say thank you and I can relate.

  6. Killer episode, as always. Melanie’s story resonated deeply.

    What was the music in the background during her story (from about 40-42 min)? It’s really clear for a few seconds at 41:30 and isn’t one of the ones listed above.

  7. The song you are hearing at 41:30 is The Knowledge of Good and Evil by The Seraphim Project (Seasons EP). Melanie’s story certainly got to me as well throughout the extensive edit process. There will always be moments of vulnerability to those that march to the beat of a different drum. To those I say, “Stay strong and let that freak flag fly high!”

  8. Melanie story was wonderful and moving. I’m always grateful for her insights. Thank you so much for including it!

  9. I complete understand what Melanie is going through. I am also a single woman living a non-traditional lifestyle as I placed career first before settling down and the usual that society expects of me. I wanted to be extraordinary, not ordinary. Though it does have it’s down moments sometimes but overall, I love the freedom.
    Lastly, I love the show Kevin! Keep up the good work!

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