Fish Out of Water


Episode #835

Date June 12, 2017

Run Time 1:11:34

Adam Wade, Melanie Hamlett and Craig Mangum share about public bathroom drama, nerve-wracking weddings and Mormon missions.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: I Know That You Know by Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie and Sonny Stitt

Live Story: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Adam Wade

Interstitial: Toilet Bowl Blues by Jeff Barr (Ft. Down Day by Podington Bear and these ladies)

Radio Story: Ditching Dora by Melanie Hamlett

Song: Halloween Mask by Electric Owls

Live Story: I Believe? by Craig Mangum

Song: Come Down by Anderson .Paak



Download: MP3

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7 years ago

Thanks for putting this crazed schedule in Kevin, I truly look forward to hearing your silly ass giggling in my ears each week.

7 years ago

great stories
lived hearing Melanie tell her story

7 years ago

Great show! I always love this show!!!!! Thank you so much for the stories Kevin!

Your Name
7 years ago

Great story Melanie-thanks for sharing!

7 years ago

I want to thank Melanie for her story. I am also a woman who has chosen an unconventional life style. I spent the last four years teaching English in China and Vietnam and backpacking between jobs. I was one of the few women that I met who was doing this without a friend or partner. I returned home this year to complete a masters degree. I am 29 and still very much single with no plans of settling down anytime soon. I am getting to the stage where my friends are starting to get married and have children and get “real jobs”. I don’t regret my choices at all but it does get hard and lonely sometimes. I find this hard to admit because I feel like I constantly have to justify my choices to people who ask me why I travel by myself or why I am not married yet.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I just wanted to say thank you and I can relate.

7 years ago

Killer episode, as always. Melanie’s story resonated deeply.

What was the music in the background during her story (from about 40-42 min)? It’s really clear for a few seconds at 41:30 and isn’t one of the ones listed above.

7 years ago

Melanie story was wonderful and moving. I’m always grateful for her insights. Thank you so much for including it!

7 years ago

I complete understand what Melanie is going through. I am also a single woman living a non-traditional lifestyle as I placed career first before settling down and the usual that society expects of me. I wanted to be extraordinary, not ordinary. Though it does have it’s down moments sometimes but overall, I love the freedom.
Lastly, I love the show Kevin! Keep up the good work!

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