Live From Denver!


Episode #834

Date June 05, 2017

Run Time 1:25:27

Kevin T. Phillips, R. Alan Brooks, Jared Ewy and Rachel Weeks share about oral sex, a school shooting, a teacher-student romance and surviving a brain injury.

Song: RISK! Theme Live by Complex Carbohydrates

Song: Super Strut by Deodato

Live Story: The Idiot’s Guide to Fine Dining by Kevin T. Phillips

Live Story: Somebody That I Used to Know by R. Alan Brooks

Song: Haunted by You By Future Islands

Live Story: Hot for Teacher by Jared Ewy

Live Story: Scorpion, Camel, Penelope Cruz by Rachel Weeks

Song: The Walls Are Coming Down by Fanfarlo



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Your Humble RISK! editor, Jeff
6 years ago

To all of you that got a version of the episode missing Kevin’s open hosting just after the theme song, I’m very sorry for the error. Please re-download and all will be restored. 🙂

6 years ago

I just came to see if there any was histrionic “pedophilia” and/or facile “same situation with the genders swapped” false equivalency hand-wringing from the very serious perpetually-outraged people here yet.

6 years ago

Well regardless of the profound comment from Jack, I found Jared’s story to be pretty gross. I don’t care what the genders are of those involved, that teacher should be in prison and I don’t think Jared is some kind of stud for getting fucked by his married adult teacher when he was a child and her student. I love this podcast and am rarely (if ever) offended by the content, but stories like this just do not sit well with me. And Jack I’m sure you think you are some kind of anti-political correctness warrior, but the fact is if this story was about a young girl and an older male teacher you would have never left the comment you did. Other than that, this was a great episode.

6 years ago

We get pitched a wide range of stories from people who had sexual experiences with adults when they were minors. Some of these storytellers were traumatized. Some have mixed emotions looking back, even a lot of fondness for some memories. I think most of the stories around this sort of subject matter are going to be uncomfortable for most folks in parts, at least. Jared talked about how, once this relationship began, he sometimes felt like less of a loser than he’d previously felt. And he mentioned that he learned things from the relationship. But I think he made it clear that he also felt anxious, overwhelmed, and guilt-ridden throughout the relationship. Jared prefers to keep things light and funny in general, but I felt he conveyed that this is a complicated story.

6 years ago

Kevin, thank you for the response. I still love your show and I still believe all stories are worth hearing, regardless of my comfort level. I think I was just a little irritated by Jack’s comment. Reading my comment again I regret some of my language. I don’t want to make Jared feel “gross” and I apologize that I trivialized his experience. I love RISK and those that take them. I apologize for my narrow mindedness.

6 years ago

No worries. I did notice a line in this live version that had not been in any of the early drafts during workshopping. It was about whether or not that woman should have gone to prison for this. By law, it certainly seems like she should have. And who knows if it was her first or last time doing this sort of thing.

6 years ago

I don’t think Jared should automatically interpret what happened to him as abusive. I think people have the right to experience things however they like. What made me uncomfortable- in this and other stories- was how ready the audience was to laugh.

6 years ago

Wow, R Alan Brooks’ story was amazing!

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