Great Pretenders


Episode #833

Date May 29, 2017

Run Time 1:06:29

DC Benny, RJ Walker and Devyn McNicoll share stories about the ice cream man, a bad billionaire and a mother with a secret.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Retro by Hurley Mower

Live Story: The Prodigal Son by RJ Walker

Interstitial: Scooby Doo, Who the Fuck is This?!? by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Mother’s Little Helper by Devyn McNicoll

Song: Edge of Town by Middle Kids

Live Story: The Bomb Pop by DC Benny

Song: Wolves and the Water by Edward R.



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6 years ago

The “Prodigal Son” story was a bit weird to me, in that it lack any empathy. Did the storyteller have any sympathy for the abandonment issues and well as, likely genetic, mental health issues that “Chad” may have had? Chad likely felt the need to prove himself worthy after being given up for a closed adoption. I’m sure RJ was dealing with his own insecurity around family, success or lack thereof, but a little empathy would have been nice!

6 years ago

I thought the lack of empathy was fitting for the mood of the story and is probably true to the storyteller. For as little empathy/sympathy “Chad” had for all the people he screwed over with his Silver Leaf Financial I think he got what he deserved.

6 years ago

I had to find out more about rj’s story — and after watching bits of the adoption video that “chad” posted on youtube…I got the exact same vibe rj did and was just as creeped out/suspicious of him. I don’t think empathy for Chad would have been appropriate at all – he built his empire screwing people over and would have never found his family had he not wanted to hide his criminal behavior. I loved the story, and rj good for you for following your instincts — sorry your bro turned out to be such a douche!

Reggie Noble
6 years ago

I am listening to this now and had to come here to say: Kevin, awesome segway into the Adam and Eve commercial!

6 years ago

I don’t think Chad deserved any more empathy than he got. He came off as a complete psychopath who lacked empathy for anyone else. All the kindness he displayed was just so that he could use them to help with his image. He started off illegally altering people’s art to make money and just got worse from there. Ick. What a fascinating story, though. Well done, RJ, and good on you for seeing “chad” for who he really was. It must have been such a relief for his wife to know that somebody else finally believed her.

6 years ago

Empathy for a criminal who screwed $14 million out of investors, abused his wife, threatened to kill a child and who abducted the storytellers father? Nope. That behaviour is not in the ballpark of “abandonment issues” and “poor mental health”.

Did anyone else worry about the ice cream man?
He had a pretty solid scheme down on how to groom and abuse children.

6 years ago

As a mother, it was hard to hear DC Benny’s story. My heart broke for him as an innocent and brave little boy. I love the way he relayed the events and his perspective/thoughts as a kid. He gave us a behind the scenes look at how his abuser manipulated him, which can be helpful information for protecting our own children. It made an impression and I am so grateful that he shared his story (and blew up the perp’s truck).

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