Episode #832

Date May 22, 2017

Run Time 1:19:56

Sovereign Syre, Reid Mihalko and Christina Carberry share stories about cam sex, 12 Steps to non-monogamy and couples therapy gone wrong.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Get a Move On by Mr. Scruff

Live Story: Sunset of Dicks by Sovereign Syre

Interstitial: DickSuckinStish by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: Adult Education by Reid Mihalko

Song: Emoticons by The Wombats

Live Story: We Need to Talk by Christina Carberry

Song: Gravity Rides Everything by Modest Mouse



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6 years ago

What do you mean you got the president you deserve? I don’t think anyone deserves this cheeto.. weird ending to that story, didn’t really tie it together for me and i feel like the delayed applause from the crowd concurred.

6 years ago

Dayna (above), that’s my feeling exactly!!! I was like…what?!?

6 years ago

Hey Kevin,
I love your show, but I think you need to give credit to the Game Grumps for the interstitial in this episode. Since it was their content. Not just “a couple of guys playing a video game.”

6 years ago

God, I’m gonna sound like an asshole. But Kevin, the least interesting Risk stories are the ones with no real….story. Someone musing about about a trial they’ve overcome with no real beginning, middle, and end is soooo boring. Like, great for you (!), but also, I don’t care.

6 years ago

@Singwiththeheart, the interstitial in the Table of Contents includes a link to Game Grumps. Click on the link and it takes you to one element of the various samples that Jeff used to create the interstitial. If I vocally credited every source for every sample in the interstitials and radio stories, the crediting would go on longer than the stories.

@Asstoryhole, all RISK! stories have a real beginning, middle and end. And pretty much all good stories since The Iliad and Gilgamesh have included someone musing about a trial they’ve overcome. This criticism (the ‘that’s not a story’ one) comes at us not just for the more abstract stories, but also for some of the most action-filled stories, some of the most popular stories and some of the most high-stakes stories. My guess is that it has to do with whether or not the listener was resonating with that particular journey.

6 years ago

As a straight man, I do want to see this ‘Sunset of Dicks’.

6 years ago

I also didn’t understand the last line of Sovereign’s story, and I didn’t see what the story had to do with the election. While I did find it funny and entertaining enough, I was struck by how she said she was “empowered.” She said that it was because she got to say “no” to men. But it seems she was also empowered by driving traffic to a site where other women, who did not have the luxury of saying “no” because they’re not as internet-porn-famous, have to do things for very small amounts of money.

I love hearing from Reid. I want to be his friend! What a wonderful sense of self awareness he has.

As an aside, I know Cindy Freeman works with you on RISK! Does she have another story to contribute? I have only heard two from her, and I thought they were both amazing. I wish she would appear here more often.

6 years ago

I thought about that too! If I related to this – then I probably would’ve enjoyed it. I suppose storytelling has just as much to do with the audience as it does the storyteller. Thanks for responding!!

Curvaceous Dee
6 years ago

Reid, your story was well-told and really powerful. Thank you for shedding some light on your journey, as well on how SLAA worked then and now. (Also, that castle threesome sounded incredible!)

xx Dee

6 years ago

Listening to this well after the fact and thought I would just leave a trace anyway. I might be wrong, but I get what Sovereign did with her story. Or maybe more accurately, the way I heard her story made sense to me. It ended not with a total nonsequitur that did not wind up the story, but with a huge, self-reflective gut punch. The silence before the applause seemed exactly the response she intended although I think not a lot of people got the ‘aha’ moment after that. I think that’s because she ‘seemed’ to be telling a humorous, ‘fuck yeah, screw the man’ kind of story when she was actually telling something of a parable. The humor was so distracting that the audience maybe didn’t get what she was ‘really’ saying.
She chided President Grab-’em-by-the-Pussy for being the kind of powerless guy who needed to exert himself over others to validate his own self image and provide him with the idea of power he didn’t have. Then through her exploitation over everyone not ‘on cam’ (told with a humor that was like a magician’s redirection) she committed a similar kind of act (powerless-feeling person manipulating others, feeling a sense of power but in reality not having that power at all). That’s why that Sovereign deserved this president. Well played. But, shoot, we still have this president and that sucks.

6 years ago

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the guy who is a sex addict and how right after he was sober and he said he shouldn’t have sex with more than one person. He has a three way and tries to justify it by saying, it was healing and that saying yes was the harder choice. How? Lol

4 years ago

Listening to old stories, because I LURVES risk…
Sovereign Syre, you are so fabulous, natural storyteller, thanks for sharing your experience!

J. Quigley
3 months ago

I liked Sovereign’s jarring final line, partly because of how refreshing it is to hear somebody trashtalk Trump without sanctimony, and partly because I admire a performer who can drop an applause-swallowing vortex like that and then thank the crowd and walk away without apology. (That said, I didn’t entirely understand what she meant by it.)

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