Episode #620

Date February 23, 2015

Run Time 57:14

Kyle Gest, Myka Fox and Tara Clancy share stories of dangerous days.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Circles by Wax Beach

Live Story: The Dan Show by Myka Fox

Interstitial: Nightmare Weaver by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Birdman by Tara Clancy

Song: Easy Money by Johnny Marr

Radio Story: Jeremy by Kyle Gest

Song: Enemy by Merchandise



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Ammie-Marie Sprowls
9 years ago

Wow, what an amazing story by Kyle Gest. I hope your family knows the incredible sacrifice you made to keep them safe. It seems like all of the adults in your life at the time completely failed you. It’s a shame none of the teachers noticed your fear or paid attention to the physical altercations in the hallway. They had ENDLESS opportunity to INTERVENE and they did NOTHING. How disturbing. The lack of empathy from those folks, as a whole, is almost as bad as what Jeremy did to that poor woman. I hope that monster stays in prison for a long time. I wish you the best of luck in rebuilding your life.

9 years ago

like Ammie-Marie Sprowls said…that’s exactly what I was thinking…where were the adults??? After the guy broke into their house, that, if nothing else should have been a huge red flag! I hope to never be blind to stuff like this with my children…scary!

9 years ago

I wish – I think we all wish – someone had listened to Kyle when he was young and followed-up on on his fears. Teens are for sure dramatic and tend toward hyperbole BUT these unfortunate events are reminders that teens are people too who do posses gut instinct and knowledge of right and wrong. We should practice active listening with our youth and not blow off what they say. We need to keep an open, honest, and continuous dialogue with them from a young age so that as they transition into young adults and start to face more difficult situations that (a) they know how to express their concerns and (b) we know how to listen to them.

This may be of little comfort to you Kyle, should you ever read this, but you were right. You were right. And they should have listened to you. I’m sorry no one listened to you.

8 years ago

Kyle’s story was like the hardest gut punch from a bully I’d ever received. It took about an hour after I listened to it I was so wound up I couldn’t sleep, I felt irritable, I felt like a hot wire was burning my brain. In junior high I used to fantasize that someone was injecting me heroine in my sleep so I could rationalize my daily malaise my inability to connect and engage in school. I also pretended I couldn’t feel pain, which made me victim to everyone who wanted to exercise some violence. I feel like I had a Jeremy. Mine here up to live a normal life, but by the ninth grade when I was free of him, I was already wide open and receptive to the idea random violence and subservience was just a normal part of life. I dropped out of highschool, tried to panic finish by correspondence. Up until last night, as a 32 year old man I had assumed all I had been feeling then was a result of my weak will and small stature. I’m still a little unsure of how to deal with the knowledge bigger smarter people also felt the same way, responded the same way.

8 years ago

Garrett, I know this is late but I hope you see this,. You don’t need to worry about the same things others are consumed with., just be you and remember that you are special and can blaze your own trail! Instead of following others, find a group that is more receptive to the things you are doing. By being more concerned with your self the less BS you have to put up with. Be proud of who you are and a lot of your troubles will be gone. Be safe bro, take care,.

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