Episode #436

Date June 03, 2013

Run Time 55:18

Marie Cecile Anderson, Julie Polk, Mark Szlachetka and Alex Wilkie share stories about being bad fits.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Slow Down by Poolside 

Live Story: Call Girl by Julie Polk

Radio Story: The Beast by Alex Wilkie

Song: New Yorker Cartoon by Jenny and Johnny

Radio Story: Weekenders by Mark Szlachetka

Live Story: Bad Boy by Marie Cecile Anderson

Song: You Don’t Know Me by The Polyphonic Spree




Download: MP3

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Luke Ryan
11 years ago

“I’m still the head monkey so I got that going for me.” – Alex Wilkie (gotta love that story – one of my favorite RISK! stories yet)

11 years ago

Did she mean a Pontiac Firebird or a Ford Thunderbird? Probably a Firebird, because a Thunderbird is more of an old man’s car than a bad boy’s car.

10 years ago

I’ve listened to Risk! for a few years now and have enjoyed many of the stories, but Alex’s tale of his battle with the chimp had me laughing so hard I was crying! I kept imagining how scary yet hilarious it would be to witness this. I’ve been in situations like this although never with a chimp. I have a mechanism inside me that causes me to laugh hysterically when pain or death is creeping nearby. Good on you Alex for keeping your head straight. My favorite part was “He was sitting on the couch eating Cheerioes and gave me a look and I thought you little bastard.” I could see Buddy sitting there with those sad chimp eyes sticking his lips out at you, the head monkey. I hope Alex has some more stories to tell!

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