Kevin Goes to P-Town


Episode #227

Date September 09, 2011

Run Time 43:54

Kevin Allison tells a longform story about the Asian guy he had a fling with in Provincetown just days prior to recording this episode. Music by The Leisure Society. (The names and other biographical information about people mentioned in this story have been changed)

This classic episode will soon be available as we rerun the episodes of our first two seasons every other week as Classic RISK Singles!

Song: Extra Risk! by Jeff Barr

Song: Prog Punk by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

Radio Story: Toe Up! by Kevin Allison

Song: This Phantom Life by The Leisure Society



Download: MP3

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12 years ago

Thank you, Kevin. Pure, painful honesty is so good for so many. Thank you.

Your Name
12 years ago

Thanks for taking the big risk of telling this story. I like the direction the podcast is going–keep it up!

12 years ago

I loved listening to this story. The truth changes totally hits home. It made my Monday : )

12 years ago

Loved the show today Kevin. Way to really put yourself out there and be Honest!!! I think he is just a young guy looking to move on to the next conquest.

12 years ago

Hey Kevin,

I’m a long time fan of the show and I truly applaud you for telling this story with raw honesty…however, while listening to the story I was afraid you weren’t going to tell the part where you clued in to the fact that you are a 41 year old man getting emotionally attached after a one night stand with a nineteen year old. It would have been tragic if you hadn’t.

12 years ago

This story broke my heart. I applaud your honesty.

12 years ago

Writing you from Seattle. I listen faithfully and this has been the riskiest, story-telling I’ve heard on your show. Sometimes it seems easy for you to introduce sensitive and emotionally gripping stories from others, and although you share a lot about yourself, because of your sense of humor it doesn’t seem to cost you much. Well, not this time.

This time, this story…cost you dearly and I hope it was as worth it for you to share, as it was for me to hear. Thanks for leading by example and taking a risk. It’s the only way we can grow up. And thanks to RISK! we are reminded we don’t have to do it alone.

12 years ago

Hi Kevin!

Thank you for this story. Although it was sad to hear what you went through it was wonderful to hear a person be so genuine.

Your podcast is wonderful and I feel like we (the listeners) are all fortunate to have you in our lives!

P.S. Scissor Sisters are great!

12 years ago

Hey Kevin, I remember you from back in the days of the state. It actually took me a few episodes to figure out it was you who hosted this show. Anyways, I have been a fan since and really think you and all of your guests do an amazing job. That is why I am donating $10,000 (Just kidding, sorry sorry just had to say that), but will be donating whatever change I can offer you guys. Also, you made a great decision by bringing your own tribulations into the show. It’s not just comedic for me, it is also quite therapeutic. Good luck and hope to hear you for many years to come.

12 years ago

Dude. Welcome back to single gay life. This will happen again to you and sometimes, you’ll be on the other side. The problem wasn’t with you (except for pursuing for a 19 y/o) and you should also be bopping around, especially in Ptown. We should hang out in NY. I will always encourage my friends to make out with you.

Another Rice Queen
12 years ago

Hi Kevin,

I usually listen to Risk in the gym. I love listening to comedy and story telling while working out, something about it is both more relaxing and more empowering than listening to the super gay club mix they play at my (allegedly) straight gym.

I was struck by this episode. Well told and honest, and also a story I could have told, almost detail for detail (I’m not a redhead). I completely felt your anguish and fought to keep my composure while finishing my workout.

I’ll be listening to Scissor Sisters the rest of the day.

12 years ago

I literally stumbled upon your podcast for the first time today while listening to Stitcher at work. I have to say that I absolutely LOVED this episode!!!! When you first started your story I thought for sure I was going to want to change to a different podcast but as I listened I became completely engrossed in the brutal honesty and at times complete sensibility in which you narrated, YOUR LIFE! Although I am straight I can 100% relate to the story you told as I had a similar story with a younger woman somewhat recently. Your honesty was absolutely mesmerizing and I immediately added you to my favorites list. I feel honored that this podcast was the first of yours I got to hear and look forward to many more!

12 years ago

Dear Kevin, this is the most intensely emotional story so far, thanks for sharing! You are gorgeous, hilarious, amazing and insightful.

12 years ago

Oh Kevin, I just want to wrap you in my arms kiss you on the forehead and tell you everything will be okay. Thank you for bravely sharing your story – I was deeply touch. I think it was the best Risk so far.

12 years ago

You like one night stands…you like Asians…you got lucky boyeee!
Be thankful, leave it at that. Don’t be a bitch.

Jo Ann
12 years ago

I save up your podcasts to enjoy while having to endure some tedious or mundane task. Or just to indulge in on a long commute. But this story was so open and raw that my heart hurt hearing it… I was so moved by it. Thank you Kevin, for sharing so beautifully.

12 years ago

that was amazing kevin. (i just went through the same thing and hearing your words helped me get over my crush!) i am awed by your ability to share such intimate experiences in public. (and also a general thank you for creating risk — it is the only podcast i save archived!)

12 years ago

So amazing. I don’t often leave comments but I felt compelled to let you know that I was really moved. Thank you.

12 years ago

So I just discovered your podcast and am completely addicted already. But the episode you narrated, Kevin, has completely won me over as a fan of YOU.touching real powerful even funny while moving me to tears. I’m now committed. Unbelievably great stuff.

10 years ago

Indeed – The truth does change, and it inevitably changes us. I’ve spent the last week listening to back episodes of the Risk! podcast and just finished this one. Kevin – you are a gift to the world and a true inspiration to me. I was once a 34 year old man in P-Town with a 19 y/o Asian bf – for a week’s vacation. You brought me back to some painful truths about my relationships with other gay men and how cruel we can be to one another. I’m a huge fan forever – maybe someday I’ll find the courage that you exhibit and tell some stories of my own. Thank you

10 years ago

I heard you on a recent Feast of Fun Podcast. I loved your sense of humor and infectious laugh on that show. I sensed the joy you felt as a little kid trying to figure it all out and being playful with others. It brought a big smile to my face hearing someone describe what it must have been like to be so open and innocent. I think I never had that chance until later in my life when all the repression just boiled over and I finally let loose and became the recovering Catholic that I am. LOL. Coming out in my 50’s was not easy but I managed to do so with the help and support of loving family and friends.

Your podcast about the encounter in P-Town, however, reminded me of how terribly I have been hurt and disappointed over the past decade by some of my encounters. I guess some of us are more damaged than others. Some people are so wounded that they seem to take a perverse sort of pleasure in using and discarding other human beings. How sad for them in the long run. Unless they have an epiphany and change inside, they will find their world gets smaller and smaller as they use and toss away people until there is no one left around them when it really matters.

8 years ago

ScottThanks for the tips. We are new here in Texas and plan on be up and running in the next cploue of months. Any tips you could give us new guys would be great.RJ

5 years ago

It is brave to be honest and vulnerable, and I appreciate your podcast for creating a space where people can speak the unspoken…

I have to say that after hearing your story, I feel for Brian. In my early 20s, I dated a number of older men, and got into some trouble when my partners pushed past my uncertain boundaries. You were there and I wasn’t, but hearing your story, I also hear all of the confusion and mixed signals and hesitation that Brian may have felt. Your story almost sounds like a “me too” story from the other perspective.

I’m curious how the truth changed for you in this situation and your current perspective on your experiences in 2011.

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