RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#226
  • Date:September 02, 2011
  • Run Time:1:14:51
  • Download: MP3


In this remastered classic RISK! episode Dan Kennedy, Melanie Hamlett, Miguel de Leon and Dawn Fraser share stories of efforts messy and mad.

SONG: What’s the Name of This Show? by Jeff Barr

SONG: Let My People Go by Steven Bernstein

SONG: Chusen Kalah Mazel Tov by Steven Bernstein


LIVE STORY: Tall, Dark and Whaaaat??? by Dawn Fraser

SONG: Have I the Right? by Vampire Weekend

RADIO STORY: Amateur by Miguel de Leon

SONG: Are You Ready by Fatty Gets a Stylist

RADIO STORY: I Don’t Know How to Love Him! by Melanie Hamlett

SONG: They Don’t Know How to Love Him! by Gel Sol

SONG: Mot Rojam by Gnillihcs Retep

SONG: One Nice Thing Once a Day by UltraCat

LIVE STORY: The Edge by Dan Kennedy

SONG: Golden Years by The Russian Futurists


  1. Kevin, you are the soul of this show. As my dad used to say, don’t sweat the piss ants. Keep being who and how you are.

  2. No disrespect to your storytellers, but sometimes I wish there was more of YOU in the Podcast, Kevin.

  3. Kevin, after a friend recommended your podcast and I listened to episode after episode, I was so excited to get a ticket to your recent show in Portland, Or. Just so I could see YOU in action LIVE. You are amazing. You’re keepin’ us sane out here in the rat race. Nancy

  4. Oh Kevin – I am addicted to Risk. On my hour-long (one way) commute to work and then home again, I listen with rapt attention. I think it might even be considered distracted driving. The tears, the laughter, the hilarity…I can’t thank you enough. Risk has saved me from a die-from-boredom commute! And The Edge, in episode 226, was one of the BEST!

  5. What would I like to see Umm thats a can o worms to risk.I wouldn’t mind Circle’s heavy cav being Argus borne for twin mount atakcts of a combo bite mount attack.

  6. Kevin – I know this is an old podcast, but I need to say it – you, and your podcast, have changed the way I get through my work day. In fact, you’ve changed my outlook on life. Screw the naysayers. You’re amazing. <3

  7. Kevin, I’m just listening to this episode now, and I know it’s from a while ago, but I think you are an excellent host. Risk quickly became my favorite podcast, and the longer I listened, the more I grew to admire how brazen and unabashed and unapologetically yourself you are. I’m a writer and storyteller myself, and am still trying to dig deep and find that bareness and balls-out dynamic that you have when you come to this show. You’re awesome. Don’t let the tolls win.

  8. KEVIN!! Gosh listening to this episode is interesting. I know it’s older and I’ve been listening to your episodes in the reverse order, starting with more recent episodes. Hearing your voice in this older episode is interesting. You don’t sound like yourself, at least not like the Kevin Allison who I hear in newer episodes with your goofy ad songs about Squarespace and Stamps.com and you playing your recorded orgasms and GOSH KEVIN YOU’RE SO AWESOME. It’s sad hearing that you were insecure about being you and I have to say I’ve felt the same way about myself but listening to this podcast has been showing me it’s ok to be yourself and to be a human being and to just unapologetically BE. I’m so glad you’ve found who you are and have a platform to share it with the world and I feel so lucky to have found this podcast because it’s so beautiful and it’s showing me so much about life and taking risks and just living and experiencing and sharing those things with the world because everyone has a story worth hearing. Kevin you’re such a beautiful person and I love this podcast and you and I can’t wait to be able to attend a show and see you in action doing what you do best. Don’t ever stop.

  9. Kevin, you are amazing, and your show is truly a gift to the world. You are helping so many people through what you are doing, both listeners and participants, and – YOU rock. You may not always be everyone’s “cup of tea”, but, hell, no one is. And why should they be? In the meantime, there are countless others like me who love you. So, keep being you and bringing all the good stuff to the world! Sending out my love and thanks.

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