RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#922
  • Date:March 12, 2018
  • Run Time:1:09:33
  • Download: MP3

Live At Caveat!

Joyelle Nicole, David Drake and Richard Cardillo share stories about bad roommates, banana theft and cholera in Peru.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Get It On by Monodeluxe

Live Story: Railroaded by Joyelle Nicole

Interstitial: My Brother’s Keeper (excerpt) condensed by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Bananaman by David Drake

Song: Packed Powder by Blind Pilot

Live Story: Privilege and Peru by Richard Cardillo

Song: Cleopatra by The Lumineers


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  1. Sassy Cholst

  2. Immediately disliked Joyelle after her pride in using the ‘f’ word to enrage her ex-roommate. I mean, who could ever warm up to you after that?

  3. I felt that she presented the story as a confession of handling things just as messily as he was handling it. He was calling her an “ugly bitch” and goading her. She admits she was “petty.” When she starts into the “f word” part, she says, “I’m going to admit my fault in the situation.” And she says, “I’m an asshole,” after admitting to it.

  4. Joyelle Nicole was hilarious on this one. I am a huge fan of her sence of humor. Her attitude is very good. I wouldn’t be polite about someone locking me out of a bathroom I was paying to use. That is messed up! She got maced twice and still managed to find the humor in it. She is the bomb dot com.

  5. Richard’s story really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing, Richard.

  6. @David Drake, My colleagues could hear me laughing all the way at the end of the corridor. With my office’s door shut. What a karma, man! Very funny told story. Good luck!

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