Live From London!


Episode #540

Date July 21, 2014

Run Time 1:25:34

Four fantastic stories from our very first RISK! show outside the US, in conjunction with the fabulous Spark London story show.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Ain’t Gonna Give Jelly Roll by The Red Hook Ramblers

Live Story: Opening Up by Dave Pickering

Live Story: Soup’s On! by Suraya Sidhu Singh

Live Story: Mum by Simon Sarginson

Live Story: Riches to Rags by Radcliffe Royds 

Song: True by Operators



Download: MP3

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9 years ago

Radcliffe reminds me of someone who was very close to me who had a similar sense of humor and also had similar experiences with heroin, bank robbery and prison. My friend never made it to the other side and died in prison from an overdose, I’m glad that Radcliffe was able to get well.

9 years ago

Dear Trishaws, with abject apologies for the ‘delayed’ response…technology and I are not completely at one just yet!

Thank you for sharing your reaction, however tragic , it always touches me to know that someone , somewhere hears the nonsense I have to say. I am sorry that your friend did not make it through… so of many of mine didn’t. If you wanted to write to garner more clarity or just to share memories, perhaps with a view to telling your side of the story I would be happy to correspond. Thank you for your kind words.

Yours aye


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