Living Big


Episode #608

Date November 24, 2014

Run Time 53:22

Marc Amigone, Meagan Voss and Justin Hall share stories about choosing a bigger way to be.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Banaketwe by Smokey Hormel

Live Story: Bears, Booze ‘n Bawlz by Justin Hall

Interstitial: Shove It Up Your Ass by Gel Sol

Radio Story: Life is a Gift by Marc Gabriel Amigone

Song: War is Peace by Immigrant Union

Radio Story: War and Peace by Meagan Voss

Song: Silver Timothy by Damien Jurado



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9 years ago

I dig Justin’s work! It’s got a sort of Crumb with a touch of Tom of Finland thing going.

As both a parent, and a son who had to regroup many years ago under his Mother’s roof (30 years old with an implied curfew, no less), Marc’s story really hit home. I could imagine how his parents felt and I sure as hell know how he felt.

I hope no one on Route 2 saw me crying at the End of Meagan’s piece. I wanted to hate those kids too. It’s hard to see that humanity through all that bratty privilege, that one can’t help but fear will soon be wielded by an adult (who can vote, hire/fire, marry, have children, etc.). But yeah, she’s right… it’s there.

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