Live From Atlanta!


Episode #607

Date November 17, 2014

Run Time 1:13:38

Rob Lathan, Rachel Pendergrass, Emily Parker and Cory Byrom share stories at our first visit to Atlanta.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Swan’s Splashdown by Perrey and Kingsley

Live Story: In Our Birthday Suits by Rachel Pendergrass

Live Story: Wild Stuff by Cory Byrom

Live Story: A Piece of Cake by Rob Lathan

Live Story: Worth It by Emily Parker

Song: Tough Love by Jessie Ware 



Download: MP3

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9 years ago

Kevin. You are amazing. Your moderation spiel made my day. Actually, every time an episode comes out, you make my day. I wish we were friends. Thank you for making amazing shows for us.

9 years ago

I’m disturbed by Emily’s story. She provides too much detail and violates a ethical expectation of people who deal with confidential information. I worked for DFCS for years and never wandered through someone’s house to find clothes for a child. The goal was always to get the child and leave without any physical harm to self. I hope for her sake her superiors don’t hear the story. She will likely end up needing a new job. I feel like she included things that would sound good, but in essence, aren’t really true. Ms. Parker, please review your story objectively and adjust yourself accordingly.

9 years ago

I always have loved listening to stories, and Risk has been a great discovery for me. I do very much enjoy people freeing themselves and stepping out to share difficult stories. That being said, Emily’s story was the first time a storytelling show actually made me feel uncomfortable and intrusive for listening to someone’s experience. I felt guilty being an audience to Emily making light of a grieving family (her imitations of the aunt’s reaction being especially cringe-worthy) and also disrespecting the assisting police officer (though I’m no fan of the law myself). In the short time that I’ve been listening, I can tell that the makers of Risk are very open and tolerant; I hope this incident will prove to be just a fluke and that Risk will carry on as a great podcast. Thank you.

Other Natalie
6 years ago

I saw Emily’s story in a different light. It did not sound disrespectful and I did not identify anything that felt like a violation of privacy and confidence. Also, no part of it sounded fabricated or embellished. I just heard sincerity and a real wish to do good for a helpless child in need, albeit awkwardly and within the boundaries of a horrible day and time in her life. Her remarks on the way things seemed and felt to her were actually very human and helped me connect to her experience. I appreciate all this and thank her and the show (three years late) for sharing this touching peek into the very real, very raw, daily experience of a life saver. Thanks!

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