O Canada!


Episode #744

Date August 15, 2016

Run Time 1:06:58

Morgan Jones Phillips, Dale Corvino and Sarah Long Hendershot share stories in our 2016 visit to Toronto and Montreal.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Apache by Incredible Bongo Band

Live Story: Say Goodbye to My Lil’ Friend! by Morgan Jones Phillips

Song: Detachable Penis by King Missile

Live Story: Over the Line by Dale Corvino

Song: American Soil by Ezra Furman

Live Story: When You Wake by Sarah Long Hendershot

Song: Is Your Love Big Enough? by Lianne La Havas



Download: MP3

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Detachable Penis
7 years ago

The detachable penis song was my favorite part of this episode.

7 years ago

Kevin, dear, I dont know if this is just me projecting, but you sound pretty down in the last few episodes. Are things alright? Id love to hear more of your stories, you wonderful, sweet and brilliant man.

– G

7 years ago

I’m good, thanks. 🙂
I tell some stories on the episode that will be going up tomorrow night actually!

Ammie-Marie Littke
7 years ago

“Detachable Penis” is the song of nightmares.

7 years ago

Hi Kevin!

I’m an avid listener, born and raised in Montreal, and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed to have heard Americans telling stories in what I thought was going to be a somewhat Canadian episode. The episode, although recorded in Toronto and Montreal, should have been called No Canada.

I still love the podcast. I really do. But we’re a nation of 36 million people, and surely there are some Canadians worthy of having their stories told.

Just sayin’.

7 years ago

Such a wonderfully diverse collection, but especially loved Sarah Long Hendershot’s “When You Wake.” Her story engaged from the very start, as I rooted for her and her son, even while wondering how horse-shoeing could tie in. And then I knew, through that Voice! So beautiful. Thank you, Sarah. Can’t wait for your novel to be released.

karen e wright
7 years ago

Sarah Long Hendershot Keillor! Sheer Joy, listening to YOU!
Enjoyed every moment. You have a Storytelling gift.
In this digital age, you are a breath of fresh air; so en-gripping,listening to your Great Story! Your singing was the Cherry on the Top! Thank you!

Very proud of you, my classmate. Congrats!

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