On Second Thought


Episode #743

Date August 09, 2016

Run Time 58:19

Al Jackson, Curtis Ferlisi and Tracey Segarra share about situations they have a new perspective on.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Peaches En Regalia by Frank Zappa

Live Story: Note Taking and Organization! by Al Jackson

Interstitial: Take the Money and Run (Featuring Coronet Instructional Films) by Steve Miller Band

Radio Story: After Dad by Curtis Ferlisi

Song: Freedom Now by Tracy Chapman

Live Story: What 50 Looks Like by Tracey Segarra

Song: Synthesizers by Butch Walker



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Sierah Coleman
7 years ago

love, love, love this podcast!!!! and love Kevin Allison!!!

Sierah Coleman
7 years ago

love, love, love this podcast!!!! and love Kevin Allison!!! yet another great episode. 🙂

Tracey Segarra
7 years ago

Performing at the RISK! live show at the Bell House last month was one of the most fun, cathartic experiences of my life. This was a story I never thought I’d ever tell out loud, so it was exactly the right story for Risk! and one I surely needed to tell. The entire Risk! team, including the wonderfully funny, warm Kevin Allison, Cyndi Freeman and Michelle Walson made the night magical. And to get on this week’s podcast is a dream come true. I’m still pinching myself, to make sure it’s real.Thank you, Risk!

7 years ago

That’s awesome. You’re so wonderful in this episode Tracey! I love how it goes from the hilarious humiliating situation Al Jackson describes, to the heartbreaking and frightening ordeal that Curtis Ferlisi survives, to the wild and empowering kinky journey you took for a spell. A lot of life packed into this episode.

7 years ago

Tracey’s FB is down. You know someone found one of her pictures and posted it there. You just know.

7 years ago

Nope, my FB is not down. Haven’t been outed yet, but thanks for the concern!

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