Outta Control


Episode #734

Date June 06, 2016

Run Time 1:16:00

Aisling Bea, Shashi Musso, Anne Thomas and Jobim Robinsantos tell stories of times things went off the rails.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Obvs by Jamie XX

Live Story: Vomitey Jane by Aisling Bea

Interstitial: Vomitey Kev by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: The Naked Strangler by Shashi Musso

Song: Slippery People by Talking Heads

Live Story: The Getaway by Anne Thomas

Live Story: Two of Us by Jobim Robinsantos

Song: Two of Us by The Beatles



Download: MP3

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7 years ago

I get that you’re pushing boundaries, I do. But there is no need for actual vomiting. It’s just gross.

7 years ago

Petition for risk to never play actual live audio of someone vomiting ever again. I literally threw up. Chain reaction dude come on, not cool.

Beth Fox-Corbett
7 years ago

I thought the actual vomiting was hilarious! I laughed so hard I snorted on my commute to work. I imagine that any one I come across on my Tuesday commutes thinks I’m a crazy person because I’m either laughing or crying on the subway.

I am curious about what Fresh Air is doing that started on RISK!, I don’t usually listen to that show, so I’m out of the loop.

7 years ago

You probably wouldn’t have gotten as many people reaching out with support if you did that vomiting bit last week. Edgy as always.

7 years ago

I’m so glad I happened to look at the comments before starting to listen! I get a really bad chain reaction vomit whenever I hear or see it. Maybe a disclaimer?

Beth Fox-Corbett
7 years ago

It’s not that bad, it sounds just like any other vomit scene except it’s poor Kevin! I’m pretty glad no one has ever recorded me while vomiting. I have to wonder why anyone thinks it’s a big deal.

It’s easy to fast forward through that small scene anyway, if need be.

A fan
7 years ago

Please do not ever air vomiting sounds again. I nearly threw up in my car.

7 years ago

Thankyou Jobim Robinsantos for sharing your story, i also waited a very long time for that dream and when it finally came, when in my dream i finally got to tell my mother i love her…

7 years ago

Please just turn down your volume or mute your speakers. I hated it and, as soon as I heard it, muted my speakers. End of story and we can all move on. If they took into account everything everyone didn’t like, we’d have nothing to listen to.

Great episode, as always! Jobim – thank you so much for sharing and I am so sorry for your losses. I’m sending some love your way today!

7 years ago

More vomiting please. I love people getting upset over stupid things.

Robert Squirrel
7 years ago

It’s easy to be dismissive of other people’s suffering if you yourself weren’t affected by the sympathetic vomiting trigger; but the commenters above are not exaggerating, this podcast can literally make people vomit. I think it’s caused by the “wetness” of the sound combined with the stereo effect, because when I pulled one earbud out the effect lessened dramatically.

I’d personally prefer there to be no vomit sounds on the podcast, but Kevin needs to follow his muse. It should be possible, however, to dramatically lessen the sympathetic vomiting effect by modifying the sound a bit, maybe by making it more tinny and/or echo-y.

7 years ago

i really don’t get why anyone would ever think it’s cool to play audio of someone puking? i’ve just shrugged and skipped through most of kevin’s bodily function interstitials over the years, but i have severe emetophobia. luckily i heard kevin’s comment at the top of the show so i skipped it, but honestly. i get wanting to ” be yourself” and i was totally with you on last week’s episode, (personally i have no issue with kevin’s voice) but don’t be surprised when your listeners are alienated by sounds of puking, burping, orgasming, etc.

Laura O
7 years ago

Shashi Musso’s stories are so engaging. He is a treasure of a storyteller. I want to hear more. What a unique voice, in every which way. I’m glad he returned to Risk.

p.s. I just muted during the vomiting part – and that worked fine. We are not slaves, people. We have volume control.

7 years ago

“Carry on, and a penis is just around the corner.”
my favorite proverb ever

7 years ago

I was actually much more horrified at implying an 11 year old girl is a slut for almost being the victim of a predator. I’m all for telling tales you don’t hear on NPR, and I was intrigued by the honesty in his tale but the story works so well without that kind of detail in it, I was so disgusted at the lack of humanity I did not listen to the end.

Corey Gallagher
7 years ago

At the end of the day people… vomiting is pretty fucking rad.

7 years ago

You could try auto-tuning the vomit noises? If nothing else it probably sounds interesting.
Sympathetic vomiting is a bit like having an extreme sensitivity to flashing lights, sometimes you can turn off whatever it is before symptoms set in, and sometimes in the ten or so seconds it takes you to actually register what you’re seeing/hearing your body has already rebelled.

In my case I muted the video shortly after I realized that yes this was actual live vomit noise. But I unmuted a little early not being sure of the length of the clip, caught the tail end of the puking, and threw up in my office trash can. Not one of my finer moments but I managed to pass it off as a bad lunch.

7 years ago

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! That was sooooo gross! Hahahahahaha oh real vomiting…sigh. How I dislike you…. Thanks team for always putting together the best in-between story moments!

5 years ago

Poor babies.

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