RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#735
  • Date:June 13, 2016
  • Run Time:2:00:40
  • Download: MP3

The Best of RISK! #10

Sean Patton and others share jaw-dropping true stories in our 10th compilation of the best tales told on the RISK! podcast

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Sunfish by Kid Stone

Live Story: White Out by Sean Patton

Live Story: Making the Chain by Christine Gentry

Song: Elevator Love Letter by Stars

Radio Story: Simple Twist of Fate by Steve Di Schiavi

Live Story: All That Jizz by Livia Scott

Song: A Little Less Conversation (Junkie XL Remix) by Elvis Presley

Live Story: For April by Stephanie Streeter

Song: I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young



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  1. Christine’s story was amazing. I’ve been listening to risk for years but this is my first time ever commenting. I’m sitting in the target parking lot sobbing. Thanks you Christine. My mom had a kidney transplant 4 years ago and what you did is so amazing. Thank you. Thank you for telling your story. I dont know what to say…. it was just amazing.

  2. Thank you, Lindsay. [sniff]

  3. Thank you sooooo much for editing down the YASSSS person from the story about jizz

  4. I don’t have any connections to transplants, but I too was just outside laying in the sun tanning listening to this story and just found myself sobbing at the end. What a beautiful story, and a beautiful heart you have, Christine.

  5. Thank you, Annie! I so appreciate your kind words.

  6. This Kidney one gets me every time! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us all!

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