Episode #1134

Date May 25, 2020

Run Time 1:30:45

Lily Be, Erica Blumfield and David Crabb share stories about major transitions.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Fat Mama by Herbie Hancock

Livestream Story: The 40 Year Glitch by Lily Be

Live/Radio Story Hybrid: Life in Transition by Erica Blumfield

Song: Powaqqatsi by Philip Glass

Radio Anecdote: The Black Cat by Timon Van De Voorde

Livestream Story: The Returner by David Crabb

Song: Running Up that Hill by First Aid Kit



Download: MP3

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3 years ago

Great show, as always! And Erica, I personally LOVE “Flammable Nymphomaniac!”

Ashton Cynthia Clarke
3 years ago

Your writing, your delivery, the RISK! production… Riveting and wrenching. I am so grateful that you choose to offer us your deepest, Erica Blumfield.

Erica Blumfield
3 years ago

Thank you Blondrea! I’m so glad you like it!

3 years ago

I loved hearing your story Erica. It’s definitely one of my favourite Risk stories. I’m not bipolar, but I do have severe treatment resistant depression which has debilitated my life for 7 years now. I can deeply relate to your depressive episodes, not showering, the shame… I was glad to hear California has some help for mental health. I’m fortunate to live in Canada where I get decent care compared to the US. I hope your country will elect leaders who put money towards social programs, mental health care and basic medical for all.
About motgerhood… I am a mom, a single mom since the beginning, and I was able to be a good mom until my son was 12, then the depression took over. And I feel guilty, guilty for not being able to parent, not being able to be a good role model, not being able to provide more, to do things with him, to enforce routines. If I knew this is how my son would have to spend half of his developing years, I wouldn’t have had a child (even though it was events, stress, conflict, etc in my motherhood that brought on the depression.)
Our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has a mom with bipolar disorder. Margaret Trudeau’s children weren’t born toxic9 with 2 heads (what a disgusting comment by that man), but she had a lot of support raising then prime minister’s (Pierre Trudeau’s) children into future prime ministers. I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would have been raising my son as a single parent if I had bipolar myself. I’d probably have had him taken away.
I hope you keep well and avoid the high of mania without drowning in the depths of depression.
I love your story; I love your creativity and talent; I’m going to have a look for your Instagram now.

3 years ago

Have to chime in that I ALSO loved Flammable Nymphomaniac! It reminds me a ton of 80s new wave, like The Waitresses “Square Pegs” and Moon Zappa’s “Valley Girl”! Your boyfriend was unkind and selfish to underestimate your talent, Erica.

2 years ago

Lily Be’s story helped me realize I’m asexual, so I just wanted to thank her for sharing!

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