RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#1404
  • Date:October 31, 2022
  • Run Time:1:04:06
  • Download: MP3

Scary Stories #14: Hair-raising!

Our 14th annual Halloween special filled with scary true stories, spooky songs and frightful surprises.

Song: RISK! Theme Cover (Spooky!) by Hope Brush and John LaSala

Song: The Murder and Prelude from Psycho by Bernard Hermann

Radio Story: A Halloween Carol by Ron Hart

Interstitial: Got a Rock Harder by Jeff Barr

Interstitial: I Dig You Baby by Bob McFadden & Dor

Interstitial: A Song Called Ghost and Firecat by Kallie Sessions and Anne Askins

Radio Story: Mommie Dearest by Gretchyn Nothhouse

Interstitial: Hush Little Baby by Taj Easton

Song: Halloween by Larry’s Rebels

Radio Story: The Permanent Halloween by Ryan Estrada

Song: Sounds to Make You Shiver by Plymouth Rock

Radio Story: A Portal to Fucking Hell by Brian Heath

Interstitial: Fuck Me Ouija by Taj Easton

Song: Spooks! by Louis Armstrong


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One Comment

  1. Chills on chills on chills. My God. I mean… during “Mommie Dearest” I got chills so bad that the skin on my arms started to hurt and I had tears in my eyes.

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