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  • Episode:#804
  • Date:October 31, 2016
  • Run Time:1:12:28
  • Download: MP3

Scary Stories #8: Egad!

R. Ben Garant, Michaela Murphy, Ryan Stroud and Alan Weber share spooky stories in our 2016 Halloween episode.

Song: RISK Halloween Theme by Jeff Barr

Song: Main Title from “The Son of Dracula” by Dick Jacobs and his Orchestra

Live Story: Scream by R. Ben Garant

Interstitial: The Watcher by The State

Live Story: The Medium of the Mount by Michaela Murphy

Song: Little Ghost by The White Stripes

Live Story: Fire Starter by Ryan Stroud

Interstitial: Pele’s Lore by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: The Man in the Top Hat by Alan Weber

Song: This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas


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  1. What happened to Alan’s brother?

  2. Yeah what the hell happened to his brother? At least tell us if he survived or that it wasn’t like schizophrenia.

  3. Alan’s brother survived and has progressed through a lot of mental health work.

  4. Thanks for the follow up Kevin! I thought for sure Alan’s story got cut off somehow but you cleared it up.

  5. Isn’t this Ben Garant story recycled from an earlier episode?

  6. It’s new. Ben has told a few ghost stories over the years.

  7. Thank you Kevin for paying attention to the comments. I came here immediately after Alan’s story finished.
    Pele, I am here anytime you want to swing past Miami

  8. Hey everyone, Kevin is right my brother is doing well. Thanks for the concern though sorry I left it at the cliffhanger like that.

  9. Can I just say that story was so fucking scary!! Just the thought of that happening *shiver* ugh, I’m a 22yr old f And have been losing sleep after I listened to this and I’m no wimp, I listen to scary stories regualrly and usually alone with no prob. (Smoking weed prob didn’t help) But maybe I can rest now knowing he’s doing ok.

  10. We’ll be creating a couple of BEST OF HALLOWEEN episodes soon to put on NPR through PRX. I think “Man in the Top Hat” might be a good one for that! We’re curious to know what other stories are people’s favorites from all the Scary Story episodes which are listed at the bottom of the Table of Contents up above.

  11. Does Alan Weber have any other stories? He did a spectacular job – very interesting! (Write a book Alan!)

  12. Not yet but I am going to be pitching a few more soon. Most of them are funny and unusual.

  13. Wow! Came here too right after Alan’s story. Terrifying! Hoping that your brother is better and praying that telling your own story about living with him and these problems helps you too. It must have been difficult to witness your brother’s changes,

  14. HOW did no one comment about Ryan?! His story is fucking insane!! If that story is true, then for sure that Pele God caused 911. For real. Like I’m blown away and SO confused. And I want something like this to happen to me haha

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