RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#805
  • Date:November 07, 2016
  • Run Time:1:04:33
  • Download: MP3

Big Entrance

Charles Busch, Mark Pagan and Jess Lombardo share stories of starting with a bang.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: The Staunton Lick by Lemon Jelly

Live Story: Regular Kid by Mark Pagán

Interstitial: Now, That’s a Load Off! by Jeff Barr

Live Story: Beautiful Dreamer by Charles Busch

Song: Ottoman by Vampire Weekend

Live Story: One to Fight For by Jess Lombardo

Song: Scare Away the Dark by Passenger


Photo Credit: Michael Wakefield

One Comment

  1. I was so angry on Jess’ behalf listening to her story. Those hospital employees would have let her die because they were minimizing her pain and ignoring her. This so beyond negligent and unacceptable, but also not an unusual experience for women in medical settings. I hope she sued the hospital. That all sounded horribly traumatizing.

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