Side Effects


Episode #815

Date January 23, 2017

Run Time 1:09:26

Redd Jefferson, Jonelle Bowers and Tania Tomilonus share about tumultuous experiences with drugs.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Lowrider by Yussef Kamaal

Live Story: Deathwish by Redd Jefferson

Interstitial: Side Effects May Include… by Jeff Barr

Live Story: How I Got Over by Tania Tomilonus

Song: Seen It All Before by Amos Lee

Live Story: Lost Weekend by Jonelle Bowers

Song: The Life by Gary Clark Jr.



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7 years ago

what was the name of the song that you used to close out the show? The hip-hoppy sounding thing with the snarling dogs? It was brilliant!

7 years ago

Oh. Lol. This week’s easter egg. I’ll leave it to our episode editor Jeff Barr to answer that.

7 years ago

It’s just a little something I whipped up over the weekend with a drum loop I had hanging about and my dog, Misha.

7 years ago

I’m loving the openness about the Forest Trump political thunderdome arena.
I have also been enjoying the last several episodes. One of my favorite podcasts continues to get better.
Keep on the up and up. This was a great episode!

7 years ago

I love that two of these stories feature women who are married or engaged to women and it’s not even a plot point — just a background fact. For everything that’s awful in America and the rest of the world right now, how beautiful to have finally created that reality.

Rickey D Popplewell
7 years ago

I am one of the many commuters on the road these days and started listening to your podcast. My driving experience has changed into a more enjoyable experience. I feel somewhat voyeuristic when I listen to the wide range of stories told by some very talented storytellers. Thank you. Can’t wait for more!

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