The Best Laid Plans


Episode #941

Date July 23, 2018

Run Time 1:25:31

DC Benny, Ria Spencer, and Dylan Patrick share stories about a crazy cruise ship, a college application, and a woman who loved elephants.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song:  Walk Tall/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Cannonball Adderley

Live Story: The Cruise Ship Story by DC Benny

Interstitial: Scenes From The Cruise Ship by Jeff Barr (ft. Maury Epstein)

Live Story: Living the Dream by Ria Spencer

Song: Where Not to Look for Freedom by The Belle Brigade

Live Story: Mammoth by Dylan Patrick

Song: Wish You Well by Brendan James



Download: MP3

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5 years ago

Wait! Did it work out at Wellesly?!

Ok, I guess whether or not it did doesn’t matter to the story. I’m a country bumpkin doing the New York art thing, and I can do relate to doing something totally on faith with no idea how the fuck it can possibly work out. Is that kind of what the Risk! team has been doing all along? Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love Risk! so much.

The way I take chances makes me look crazy to others sometimes, but I know it’s not crazy because in my heart I just somehow know it’s the best thing to do. I love that I get to listen to your story and feel a little less crazy today. I’m adopting “faith drill” into my inner monologue if you don’t mind my stealing your phrase. I am so inspired by your message of faith and courage.

I still wanna know if it worked out at Wellesly though. Can’t help it.

Your Name
5 years ago

Thank you, Dylan, for your story. My husband died six years ago. Mostly, I’ve gotten my sea legs back and feel I have been given this terrible gift that has made me into a better person. All the joy in my life now is felt so much more fully became of that very deep well of grief that almost drown me.

The pain of widowhood is so indescribable and yet you were able to capture bits of it for others to glimpse from afar There are places in my heart I still walk very carefully around… tonight I was listening to podcasts to escape my anxious thoughts, ones that tell me life is much too long. You remind me I’m still very much needed here, even if I can’t always figure out the Why of it. Your voice is what I needed most to hear tonight. So much gratitude in my heart right now.

5 years ago

Dylan, thank you for sharing. What a raw, powerful story that I’m sorry you had to go through. Sending much love your way.

5 years ago

Congrats, Ria! Even though you graduated a long time ago. Still congrats!

5 years ago

Thank you again, Risk!, for providing this incredible platform for people to share their stories of accomplishment, trauma, joy, and everything in between. Dylan, keep dreaming. She’ll be there.

5 years ago

Dylan, I am in tears. Thank you for sharing this story! Mental health and suicide awareness is something that is so important to educate people about. Those of us who are the survivors of suicide know just how this can affect a family.

5 years ago

Dylan- your story was so moving! You are incredibly brave for sharing it with us, so thank you. Those dreams after a loved one passed are so special and something to always be held onto.

5 years ago

Kevin, I sure hope you are feeling better! I suffer from some fairly gnarly stomach problems and I can’t imagine having to deal with a hectic trip, Uber rides to the ER, and getting locked out (in the pouring rain!) during a flare up. I was cringing with empathy during your beginning hosting segments. Take care of yourself!

5 years ago

Dylan Thank you so much for sharing your story. What a beautiful relationship you shared and I’m so very sorry for your loss. The elephant dream had me bawling like a baby. Sending love and healing.

5 years ago

Dylan, Thank you endlessly for sharing your story. It takes so much to be so vulnerable. Your strength is endless. Sending you much love, buddy.

an elephant
5 years ago

Dylan I will never forget your voice.

5 years ago

A year after first hearing it, I still cannot think of “Mammoth” without breaking down. It is one of the most beautiful, raw, honest things I have ever heard. I don’t really have the words, and I have been searching, to better describe it. I know that this story has been such a balm to me, after my own losses, and that Mr. Patrick’s willingness to bare himself in front of the world, that is an inspiration to me every day.

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