The Family


Episode #308

Date December 06, 2011

Run Time 55:17

Lili Taylor, Sara Benincasa and Curtis Gwinn share about their nearest, dearest and weirdest.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Paradise Engineering by YACHT

Live Story: The Grand Canyon by Sara Benincasa

Song: We Are the Family by Jeff Barr

Song: Transistor by Lee Rosevere

Live Story: Now You Know by Curtis Gwinn

Song: Got the Glory by Jason Collett

Live Story: It’s Not Then… It’s Now by Lili Taylor

Song: Darkmatter by Andrew Bird

Download: MP3

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Bo Johnson
11 years ago

Great show as usual, but I’m getting sick of hearing about Lili Taylor’s bi-polar father. Her stories aren’t interesting, educational or funny and have nothing to do with taking risks.

Bo Knows Diddley
11 years ago

Very constructive feedback, Bo. Thanks.
Thank you RISK! You are FREE and enlightening and funny and wonderful 🙂

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