Troubled Love


Episode #704

Date October 26, 2015

Run Time 58:06

Gail Thomas, Gillian English and Ben Stirling share about rocky romance.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Jack’s Good by The Krew Kuts

Live Story: The Puppets by Ben Stirling

Interstitial: Dial M for Muppet by Jeffvin Barlison

Live Story: Mr. Maybe by Gail Thomas

Song: Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright by Peter, Paul and Mary

Live Story: Let Rome in Tiber Melt by Gillian English

Song: As Time Goes by JR JR



Download: MP3

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Vaughn Buttersworth
8 years ago

I for one enjoyed the comedy sketch. But then I also love the other silly/irreverent stuff, like Kevin’s ad songs, the end of episode easter eggs, and the recordings of Kevin climaxing. It’s all part of what makes RISK! different from (and better than) other storytelling shows.

8 years ago

I am always so pleased by the music I hear on this show – What a pleasure to hear one of my favorite Peter, Paul and Mary songs!

Great stories as usual…..Great show!

BTW: I never hate those comedy. It breaks up some of the heaviness that some episodes are full of. That is what I love about this show. The full gamut of emotions in each episode.

8 years ago

Gillian’s story was so lovely that I listened to it twice. I felt like I was there with her.

8 years ago

I am consistently impressed by RISK! and this week’s episode was no exception. I don’t know how the team manages to find such relevant songs for each story, but I can tell you I have found a number of amazing artists through this podcast. I thought the “Dial M for Muppet” was humorous and loved how it worked with Ben Sterling’s story. I found myself relating to Gail Thomas and Gillian English gave such a great performance that I’ve been thinking about what happens after you share an important experience with someone after beginning to drift apart. That is why I love this show – it makes me think, laugh, smile, frown and sometimes cry because of all the different perspectives people bring and the ability of the storytellers to inspire empathy in the listeners. Also, I always appreciate Kevin’s ability to guide us through the show, entertain and make advertisements so interesting. To be honest, as soon as I hear his voice I smile, because I love the show so much and at the end I truly feel like taking a RISK!

8 years ago

This is my first time commenting on literally anything on the internet.
Just wanted to let Mr. Allison know that I think this podcast is one of the most important creative projects out there. It’s the kind of serious work that helps people live. Thanks for doing it.

8 years ago

Thanks so much Will! I truly appreciate it. 🙂

8 years ago

I wanted to express that I truly enjoyed the Troubled Love episode. I have never had such an emotional experience listening to a podcast. It all happened while listening to Gillian’s tale about her relationship. My partner has Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome so I felt the raw emotions Gillian was going through during that traumatic event. I was on edge waiting to hear if he survived the attack.

My friend recommended your show a few months ago. I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve listed to thus far! Real people telling real stories.

Keep up the fantastical work!

7 years ago

Just want to thank Kevin for all the great music he picks for the shows. I discover new songs I absolutely love. This version of Don’t Think Twice was new to me and it is fabulous!

Much love,

7 years ago

Ben Stirling’s story is so funny! I listened to it twice yesterday. I want to thank him for sharing this.

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