RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#905
  • Date:November 06, 2017
  • Run Time:1:08:33
  • Download: MP3

Under the Surface

Thomas Attila Lewis, R. Ben Garant, and Julissa Arce share stories about a Peeping Tom, the punk rock uniform, and un padre amoroso.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Samba Soul by Thomas Blondet

Live Story: Strange Days with the Head Sales Guy by Thomas Attila Lewis

Interstitial: Always Be Closing by Jeff Barr

Live Story: In Uniform by R. Ben Garant

Song: Anarchy in the UK by Sex Pistols

Live Story: Para Papi by Julissa Arce

Song: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by Birdy


  1. Another great episode! As far as zombies go, you can always tweek the monster specks and create your own Zombie-like monster. I listen at home on my laptop. I hear the music playing behind Kevin. On the first episode I did hear a slight echo. It sounded like Thomas was in a very big room. (I am the one who talks about cannibalism. Don’t yell at Kevin about it! LOL!)

  2. Since you asked I’ll take the time to say the music on this show is so amazing. I hear more songs I love here than even the songs recommended to me by friends. If Kevin is picking all/most of the music he’s my hero. The sound design is also great in my opinion. I listen on pc with speakers or headphones while working. The Halloween ep was amazing, I hope you can do another next year. Minus that last story. The story teller’s deep breathing and manner of speaking drove me nuts. Not your fault or hers…but oiy. Love the show!!

  3. I loved Ben’s story. So honest, and astonishingly introspective. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Laughed and cried at ‘Strange Days with the Head Sales Guy’ Like so many jobs at small offices that I’ve had! Thank you, @tomdog on @RISKshow

  5. Wait… is that… backwards Vitas?

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