What’s Going On?


Episode #CRE320

Date April 27, 2023

Run Time 50:01

A Classic RISK! episode from our early years! In the twentieth episode of our third season, Helen Hong, Steve Agee, Chris Castiglione, and Elise Pettus come face to face with their own cluelessness.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Bollywood Blades by Professor Kliq

Live Story: The Fountain of Youth by Helen Hong

Song: Lo Que Me Gusta Del Verano Es Poder Tomar Helado by Papa Topo

Radio Story: Don’t Treat Your Dick Like a Dishrag! by Chris Castiglione

Song: Pelican by The Maccabees

Live Story: La Promesa by Steve Agee

Song: One Foot by Fun.

Song: What’s Going On? by Jeff Barr

Radio Story: Strangers in the Night by Elise Pettus

Song: Ding-a-Dong by Teach In

Song: Just Don’t Get It by Gel Sol and Jeff Barr

Song: Me and My Moog by Dick Hyman



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