"24 Hours"


Type Story

Episode Jeopardy (#1053)

Date September 30, 2019

Time In Episode 00:05:15

This story was told by on episode #1053: Jeopardy


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In 2001, Gregory has just been kicked out of the navy for substance abuse issues (he’d been doing various drugs since adolescence), and his life has hit a rut; he’s renting sleeping space on a couch in Virginia, has no job, and heroin, his escapist drug of choice, seems to be unavailable to purchase. So, he finds a crack house to go to, managed by identical twin grandmotherly old black ladies. He ends up spending 24 hours and all of his money there, smoking crack and observing the bizarre way this environment is simultaneously run with very solid business acumen, and yet also a definite drug den. When he’s out of money, he goes back to where he’s staying, and finds an acceptance letter from Western Illinois University, where he’d applied to go back to college. He takes this as a sign that it’s time to turn his life around.

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